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Research help Needed: Australia, the land without guns?!?

Hello my old (and new) friends,

I have recently sat a couple of my friends down on the issue of gun control on my personal FB wall, but one of them made a VERY good point that I cannot blame her for using as an attack.


In this link, the article goes into some details about how Australia has apparently done the impossible, and banned guns to reduce crime.
Now, as a free-thinker it is my job to keep my mind open, so I am very curious as to the integrity of this article and it's claims.

Thank you, and I would REALLY like to hear from someone down in the outback on this topic.

~ Acatalyst

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Fresh Vidoe From Australia

I know they have the right to carry boomerangs, still, the following situation got a bit tense:


Martin Bryant with the iq of an 11yr old was the patsy

for this black op and trial by media.Unfortunatly 90% of australians believe every word the radio and tee vee tells them,they are still voting the least evil in our democratic dictatorship...




Seems like it did little besides reducing an individual's chances of defending themselves.

Bs, we still have plenty of crime!

Home invasions increased dramatically after the ban, so much so, there where protests on parliament house demanding a review of the laws on what a home invasion is actually defined as.


Watch the video, The fact is, if someone enters our homes in Australia with a gun, we have NO chance of defending ourselves.

we even own guns, shotguns for club shooting, but it would be impossible to get to them, and then the ammo in time to even bother to use them, they have to be kept seperately.

Won't go near facebook:

The actual article can be found here.


I love my country
I am appalled by my government