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PHOTO: Mount Everest, in two Billion Pixels

You must have seen thousands of photographs of Everest. But there have been none like this:

Posted by Anup Kaphle on December 18, 2012 at 4:20 pm

According to NPR, the image is the result of a project by David Breashears, who has already climbed the highest mountain in the world five times. He used old images of Everest and its glaciers and combined them with new ones.

The photo is part of a broader project called GlacierWorks by the mountaineer Breashears, who made the much-acclaimed IMAX documentary “Everest.”

Read more: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2012/12/18...

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There's a lone guy

There's a lone guy standing in the glacier field. follow the field up hugging the foreground mountain. about 3/5ths the way, under what looks like a sheet of glacier ready to come down. maybe a couple hundred feet elevation under where the glacier flatens out heading into the valley. he's in the shadow, basically on the cusp of the shadow and light.

edit there are 3 more behind him about 3/4 full screen fully zoomed in.

Also if you follow that valley and look at the smooth snow(which is at about a 70% grade) you can make out a HUGE line of people leading to the upper base camp. the base camp is right next to the smooth snow face where it gets lumpy. they follow up the smooth face and camp on the lumpy snow about half way from where is starts to get really steep and where the snow ends.

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Check out the folds on the

Check out the synclines and anticlines on the 2nd from left snowless peak. Those folds used to be horizontal formations at one time in their history and are now several thousand feet in the air and crushed. Glacial till is cool too.

Southern Agrarian

I spotted a Yeti. I'm not

I spotted a Yeti. I'm not going to tell you where it is but it is in there.

Southern Agrarian

if you

If you pan to the far right, follow the valley up towards the far back right mountains, you'll see blue buildings at the foot of that slopping hill that has no snow on it. It's hard to describe the exact location, but look for blue and you'll find it.

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Not only on the far back right, but right at the foot of the

main frame. . . there are hundreds of yellow, blue, orange, red tents & supply packs. I never knew SO many people assembled there: somehow always thought only a dozen or so people a year climbed Everest :-)

When I

first saw it, I was like Big Whoop, but then the Zoom! Wow, there's a whole basecamp and climbers, and they really put the magnitude into perspective. Amazing!

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Until I read your comment about the basecamp & climbers,

I didn't notice them! I had to go back to the panorama picture and search for them :-)

Amazing quality graphics.

Amazing quality graphics. Absolutely beautiful photograph! I was floored by the Zoom features.