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And now for some good news from Washington County, Maine!

You remember Washington County Maine, the home of the "Legendary Caucus", delayed due to a snowstorm in Maine back in Feb 2012:


The speaker for Ron Paul in that video is Washington County Resident and Maine's new RNC National Committeeman, Mark Willis.

Now we have some more wonderful news coming out of Washington County!

On November 30th, 2012 The Washington County GOP, elected a new County Chair and also a whole new slate of Liberty Executive officers, ousting Chris Gardner from an eight year reign as Chairman.

The new Chairman of the Washington County GOP is Tony Bennett, a strong Liberty supporter.

It is clear that Washington County can now be considered a proud "Liberty County".

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The liberty squeeze

when the GOP looses their strangle hold over caucuses and delegates. One by one the neocons lose another state, the squeeze is on.

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Was he a Ron Paul supporter in the past caucus?


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Yes, Tony was a Ron Paul

Yes, Tony was a Ron Paul Supporter at the past Caucus. He was also a Ron Paul Delegate for Washington County at our State Convention.

Add Maine to the growing list

Add Maine to the growing list of "dysfunctional" states for the GOP to deal with.

The Tony Bennett?

The Tony Bennett?

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LOL! . . . Should read Tony

LOL! . . . Should read Tony Bennett III:)

Oh, my. Wait, does singer

Oh, my. Wait, does singer Tony Bennett have a grandson with the same name? Really, does he? I don't know. Putting that question here to sleep is, is the Bennett you're talking about related to the singer Bennett? lol

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

Excellent news!

Congrats! Great video, too!

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U Betcha!

Up North (bump)

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Awesome :) We ALWAYS need

Awesome :) We ALWAYS need good news!

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Congratulations - very good news!!!


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yet another good reason for

yet another good reason for us to move to Maine !!!

great news.

great news.

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Fantastic! Now "Remember Maine!" will have doubly

significant meaning. Kudos to you, Maine liberty warriors, who didn't stop the positive activism in spite of the grossly unfair treatments RNC inflicted on you. Awesome example for us.

Great job

This is exactly what we need to be doing. County by county.

Now as long as they are not

Now as long as they are not on the new "GOP Purge list" I guess they will continue to grow and make a presence felt. Kudos!

And he's a pretty good singer

And he's a pretty good singer to boot... ;)



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Bump for good news

Thanks for posting.

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