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Written confession from Sandy Hook murderer.

Adam Lanza was the victim of pre-meditated murder. There are well established methods for treating "mental disorders" that do not involve a drug that causes suicide. Giving a drug to someone that you KNOW may kill them is attempted murder. It makes me ill to hear this VICTIM of the Pharmaceutical industry being called "evil." PHARMA IS EVIL. Adam was a victim of that evil.


Ban the practice of drugging people without any method for obtaining objective evidence for the need. (That is a practice once called "Snake oil sales." Now it is called "Mental healthcare.)

To get a blood pressure pill, they use a sphygmomanometer and you can go buy one and prove to yourself if your blood pressure is high, and if your medication lowers it.

To get insulin, you can buy a home blood sugar monitoring kit, and prove to yourself that you need insulin, and that your medication is working.

To get an antidepressant, you have to tell a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant you are sad. He will pick a pill at random (usually based on a personal bias toward a drug rep) and tell you if you don't like it, he can pick another. He will tell you that a chemical imbalance exists in your brain, but he cannot do a test to determine which chemical, nor even that such an imbalance actually exists. You have no way of knowing how the drug will affect YOU, and cannot measure the success of the therapy other than to say if you feel better or not. If the answer is "not" you have a problem. "Not" may mean you are now suicidal.

Admitting you are suicidal is a difficult thing to do, most of us think that is crazy and cannot define ourselves that way without serious internal struggle. Furthermore, you have already confessed to being sad and if you now confess to being suicidal they may institutionalize you, and they will at least consider that this is merely a worsening of YOUR mental illness. For many years, the possibility of suicidality being a side effect of the drug was considered a delusion.

If you are lucky enough to have someone correctly diagnose "drug reaction" you still have a problem. They cannot just stop it if you have been on it for a while. (For instance, the amount of time it takes to make you admit to yourself that you really are suicidal.) They will encourage you to try another drug, and most will resist your will if you want to stop them. At best, you must taper off over many weeks to months. That means many weeks to months of taking a drug that is making you suicidal.

And what if you find you are losing the fight? They have no antidote. They have no counseling regimen. They have isolation in an institution where the drug will be forced upon you.


To those who point to the people who feel better on the drug.... There is no way to prove it is the drug making them feel better. Depression NORMALLY runs its course. It comes and goes with situations and life stages. It is a NORMAL human emotion. There is no proof the drug is actually balancing any chemicals. There is ample proof that placebo effect can lift depression. And heroine would make them feel better, too, until the day they overdose. The suicidal effects can happen even after using the drugs "successfully" for long periods. It is Russian Roulette every time you take the pill.

Want to keep your second amendment rights? Every time you hear "Ban guns" you say "Ban SSRIs." I have been saying this for way too many years now, but people are finally starting to catch on. Help fan this grassfire. That PDR page is a confession by the true killer on the loose at Sandy Hook.

RIP, Adam, and all those innocents that died that day.

Possible motive - Adam threatened with institution. He was apparently quite smart, he would have known that meant forced medication and isolation. What did he have left to lose? As a "civilized" society, we cannot back people into a corner and then demonize them for behaving like a cornered animal.

Also, be sure to read this article where the uncle names fanapt. It is being scrubbed.

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Your antidote for gun grabbing.

Truth. See if a jazzier headline gets some attention...

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