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Old Stream Media vs Truth Based Media

The latest Piers Morgan gun control interview is a great example of where our media is at today.

Reality Check is mainstream ready, but not yet mainstream. The option is there.

Many more people watch Piers Morgan than Reality Check.

Evil people own certain large media outlets and control the content to mislead people.

These evil people have a master who is equally on our side. It is the Free Market.

If more people watched Reality Check than Piers, Piers's show would cease to exist.

As long as people support liars, liars will continue lying.

Gullible people will believe them, and we will have to continue spending our time educating people, or as I call it picking weeds out of their minds.

We're not victims. We're not helpless. We have greater power than the MSM. The option has already been created for us. It's as easy as supporting Reality Check and other truth based media.

Obviously we here all support truth based media. My point is simply, rather than spending all our time picking weeds, we might be better off focusing on the growth of truth based media, that will mentally equip people with weed repellent.

Telling a MSM viewer that what they watch is evil and controlled by evil people makes them feel uncomfortable. And the alternative they see is not watching MSM, which leaves them with a need to be informed.

Telling them about Ben Swan at Reality Check, is a positive experience. They have the chance to be well informed. Even the government run schools train us to value thorough research. This is an easy sell. Let the natural weed killer slowly permeate the mind until the viewer naturally and comfortably rejects MSM, alternative already in hand.

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