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‘Fast and Furious’ Gun Found At Site Where Mexican Beauty Queen Killed

CLEARLY we would all be safer if the STATE was only allowed to have BB guns and "We the people" owned all the assault rifles and automatic weapons. It blows my mind that Obama and Holder can do what they did ie; running guns in Mexico, arming "rebels" in both Libya and Syria, and then come out saying WE need to give up OUR guns??? Not happening!

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A gun found at the scene of a shootout between a Mexican drug cartel and soldiers where a beauty queen died was part of the botched “Fast and Furious” operation, CBS News reports.

Authorities had said that Maria Susana Flores Gamez was likely used as a human shield and that an automatic rifle had been found near her body after the Nov. 23 shootout.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, tells CBS News that the Justice Department did not notify Congress that a Fast and Furious firearm was found at the scene in Sinaloa.


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