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Does Obama think the constitution is a quaint tradition?

In today's gun control speech he again referred to the 2nd amendment as a tradition. He did the same regarding the NDAA. What about that little matter of that oath he took?

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obama should be held for treason.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I believe he specifically

I believe he specifically chooses those words to diminish the true purpose and power of our constitution and bill of rights. By referring to it as a tradition along the lines of fishing and hunting lessens it's importance in peoples minds.

I beleive your right

That is one of the hallmarks, and one of the most important things to watch. They use language in flexible and obscure ways, and most humans grab on the idea they think is being projected, and interpret the words to fulfill that ideal.
Remember Clintons two day definition of the word “is”? I thought that ridiculous at the time, but it’s a “tell” at how they think.

Just read the Emancipation Proclamation and you can see a gem of this sort of playfulness.
The idea of "Freedom for All" was latched on that document, but in its words, it actually freed very few people. The first part proclaims great things, but the rest of the provisions exclude the most populated and commercially successful areas and allow them to be left precisely as if this proclamation were not issued


Just open the box and see

Barry doesn't think...

he is handled. He is also foreign, so he holds no allegiance to the US.