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GUN Halts Gunman In Theater Lobby

If the GUNS murdered people at Sandy Hook, then the GUN saved the people in Texas. Think about it - you think this hero would have done what she did had she been unarmed? This is not to take away one bit of much deserved praise for the woman with balls that clank that was in control of that gun.



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No story here...

...Move along, move along.

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Dirty Laundry

People don't want to hear about how people's lives were saved because someone had a gun in a theatre...They like to hear about "dirty laundry"...just like the song.
Why wasn't this National News Headlines?
MSM will only report the "terrible" aka "dirty laundry" type events.
Shame on MSM...they actually perpetuate violence by the way they tell the world the life story of the gunman.
Psychos and Sickos want to be known...this sets them off.

Guns don't save people,

Guns don't save people, people save people.

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Thanks Fishy.

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