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Top Online Gun Retailer Suspends Sales of Firearms: “Effective Immediately”

Poster's note: If you haven't already purchased something for your protection, I would not wait much longer. To depend on the State to protect you, especially in these troubling times where police departments are going broke, is reckless gamble. A right withers unless it is exercised. BTW, here is another retailer who hasn't folded under the pressure. I don't have any affiliation with them other than supporting them occasionally.

Online retailer Cheaper Than Dirt!, one of the world’s largest sporting goods stores and a top online gun distributor, has suspended sales of firearms as of Tuesday.

According to an alert posted on its Facebook and Twitter accounts, the “temporary” suspension is effective immediately as the company reviews its policies and promotions related to online gun sales.

Cheaper Than Dirt! has temporarily suspended online sales of firearms. "As a long time supporter of the Second Amendment, Cheaper Than Dirt! will continue to promote the safe and responsible use of firearms by law abiding customers. During this temporary suspension, we will review our policies and promotions."

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings gun control advocates and politicians on both sides of the aisle have called for bans on the sale, transfer, importation and possession of semi-automatic rifles. One of the most outspoken anti-gun legislation supporters, Mayor Bloomberg of New York, pleaded with President Obama to take executive action that would essentially nullify the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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JusT wanted to let everyone this news is old (December 2012)In response FB folks created "Ban cheaper than Dirt".
They are now selling guns again

Could be...

A victim of another DOJ raid?


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You may be right - you may be wrong

but who cares - you need to make your tagline into a tee shirt!!

Some gun shop owners

stopped selling their remaining stock of military-style
rifles,anticipating more interest and higher prices.
Maybe it's a money thing.

At least in NY...

That was a dumb move. Their entire stock of AR's, essentially, are now banned. The single-feature test added a few items and retains most old ones.

-Pistol grips
-Thumbhole stocks
-Forward vertical grip
-Muzzle brakes (as well as flash suppressors)
-Bayonet lugs
-No grandfathering of pre-ban hardware

That means that most of the existing NY uppers are dead in the water--most have permanently affixed muzzle brakes. It also means extensive work to, at a minimum, replace all pistol grips.

I bought my rifle a couple days ago. It's already illegal for transfer. I'm supposed to register it within a year.

I thought only the NY State Senate passed the bill. Is it law?

If so, you might want to consider the planned march on state capitols. If you do, bring "your little friend" with you. I do not live in NY,but I will only participate if I can go armed.

Registration is "permission," and you DO NOT need "permission" to exercise a natural right. If you actually believe you do, then you wasted your money buying a firearm.

I have silhouette targets and I recommend them if you are serious about your Second Amendment rights. Here's a link for some cheap ones.

If I brought my little friend

If I brought my little friend out in public, odds are I would be shot on sight by the NY Police State. And why was I downvoted? As a business move in NY, most rifles are now banned. Off the top of my head, the only rifles NOT banned are a few really basic hunting rifles and many bolt-action rifles.

i have some bad news: the

i have some bad news: the assembly already voted on it and Cuomo already signed it into law, effective immediately


"Supply...meet Demand."

Hey folks, i need some good

Hey folks, i need some good advice here. We want to purchase a handgun but i need something my wife could fire in self defense(special note she has 14 fused vertebrae plus the arm she would fire with has a plate and 12 pins) so she would need a handgun with less kickback as she fires so she doesn't hurt herself if she had to fire it. any suggestions????? would be greatly appreciated plus we are poor peasants so price is a factor as well.

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Hate to be the voice of reason

but my advice is to buy nothing. Find an instructor, a range, a store - somebody somewhere that will give you a few lessons first and foremost. If this person has any credibility - they will have an assortment of pistols to actually shoot.
This kills two birds with one stone - you get some basic training AND you get to test out the different guns.

I suggest to everyone on here who has never shot a weapon before to do the same thing.

Your off to a good start!

By admitting you need advice!

9MM is in my opinion a good choice... Because 6 rounds has been shown not to be enough!

"poor peasants"? Can you put a monetary value on her safety?

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

I have a 32 caliber "Chief's Special"

I had bigger toy guns when I was a kid. However, since the 32 ammo is expensive, I recommend a 22 for minimum recoil. If that sounds lame, remember, a potential assailant is not going be that interested in the caliber of the round the doctor is digging out of his testicles. Besides, the 22 is "round of choice" at close range, because it "bounces around" inside the body and does a lot of damage. For home defense, I prefer a 12 gauge. As long as you hold it properly to your shoulder, the recoil is actually less than most handguns I've fired. Best of all, while it won't penetrate body armor, the concussion will not only disable the target, it will do enough internal damage to kill an intruder with one shot. Moreover, at distances below 20 feet, you virtually cannot miss. Best of all, simply the sound of someone pumping a shotgun will make many an intruder relieve himself in his pants as he runs off.

Oh also, about the 22 Chief's Special; since it has no safety or hammer, I keep an one chamber empty and squeeze it twice in rapid succession to fire it. Since that means you can only load four rounds, I suggest you buy a speed loader for it.

i know nothing at all about

i know nothing at all about guns, and i'm slowly learning. But i recommend the one-shot derringer and a crossbow with czech cammo

The XD Subcompact 9MM looks good. it has 16 rounds in a magazine. but that guy is right, the .40 holds 12 rounds, but it has more stopping power, but has more recoil and kick, too.

i know nothing about guns, but i think i want one now. i didn't really ever care for them, before.


"i know nothing at all about

"i know nothing at all about guns, and i'm slowly learning. But i recommend the one-shot derringer and a crossbow with czech cammo"

yeah, you know nothing.

i know we should form in

i know we should form in squares to withstand a calvary charge



I don't know the brand, but I have terrible carpal tunnel and am a tiny human to begin with. I cannot fire anything more than a couple times without paying for it for days, but the one that was easiest on me was a .38. Sorry, can't be more specific - my husband took me shopping to try them but he is the one who knew what he was buying.

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Springfield Armory XDs

The XD subcompact is great, got one for my wife. It comes in different calibers. It's great for small woman hands

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Ruger LCR .38 is what I

Ruger LCR .38 is what I recommend. My wife has rheumatoid arthritis and after shooting many guns I have, this gun worked best for her. The trigger is fantastic. It's a polymer J-Frame and it weighs 13 ounces. I carry an automatic (Ruger LCP Crimson Trace)most of the time, but wouldn't want my wife to have to worry about clearing a misfire in the heat of the moment. With a J-Frame, you don't have to worry about that.

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Tough one

Normally I would say a .40 s&w as it has stopping power comparable to a .45, but .40 might be to much. You need to also consider the quality of the gun will be a contributing factor in its recoil.

For example a good .45 will have push back that makes its recoil feel less than the snap most .40 have.

My suggestion would be something in the .38 caliber as it has more stopping power than a 9mm but comparable kick. I do not know what you budget is, so it might be to pricey for you. But if health is such a concern I would suggest the Rhino revolver as the lower profile barrel
make the kick feel a lot more like a .22 than anything else and a .22 is almost like shooting a BB gun.

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thanks , that narrows it down

thanks , that narrows it down for my wife, now to save $$$ so i can get one in 1-2 months:)

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Cheaper Than Dirt has changed their statement on their Facebook page and are now claiming the reason for the suspension was they have been overwhelmed with orders. Fibbers! :)


Too late. Nearly every comment on their Facebook page is along the lines of, "I will never buy from you again."...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Well, They Are Now On The List...

...of retailers from whom I will NEVER make a purchase from again.

I will voice my beliefs with my wallet, so to speak, after, of course, a pointed communication to them as to my decision.

And so it goes.

You never hear of Toyota, GM, Ford suspending

sales after a fatal car crash, so unless, as it's been suggested, Cheaper than Dirt! is just going over its liability measures, they shouldn't suspend any sales, either.

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who owns "Cheaper Than Dirt"?

that might shed some light on their decision.

I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt

If they truly are the "world's largest sporting goods store" as claimed than wouldn't that make them the #1 target to make threats of shutting them down, via legal or nefarious means? Also, being the "world's largest" would likely make them the most profitable and logic would dictate they're probably happy with that and wish to continue.

Thus, without being accusatory and disclosing to the public they may be getting ready for battle by lawyer'ing up or improving website security.

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Everybody should...

permanently suspend all purchases from Cheaper Than Dirt and let them die a quiet death. Same for Dick's Sporting Goods.

Cowards and govt bootlickers don't deserve to remain in business...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

what's up with Dick's?

I missed that...


The local Dick's Sporting Goods...

removed all guns from the shelves.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


Going belly-up.
This should be a good lesson for others.

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