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Alex Jones - No Alternative To Fed

Have you noticed that Alex Jones never talks about alternative money systems? Instead, he is obsessed with guns and abortion - the two red herrings that distract from real action.

On yesterday's show, Bob from Virginia wants to talk about an alternative to the Fed but a commercial interrupts him.
Start at 14:13:

Then after an extended commercial break Alex says the caller "hung up". Really? Watch it at 16:00.

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Alternative to the Fed??!!

How about ....NOTHING??!!!

In light of the coming economic collapse

I developed a system where people can create/manage their own mediums of exchange.


stretching thin

Your point is really unfounded, I am not much of an AJ fan because I don't like his aggressive personality, I think he could learn a lot about how to frame questions and philosophy from Ron Paul and Rand and Jim Demint, figures who work with the right and left all the time and don't attack them for philosophical differences. But back to my main point, I watched your video and think you make some silly points. The caller prolly did hang up, just because you want to believe he didn't don't make it true, I am all for criticizing Mr. Jones but I honestly don't find your argument in the least bit legit. As a off and on listener to Alex for about 5 years now I can say that alex has dove wayyyy into the fed talks, and I would argue he has economist on about getting rid of taxes and how to incorporate the non-agression principle into our current shit hole of a government more often than he talks about guns. The thing is Alex is ahead of the curve, he sees what most people in the liberty movement see, a soon to be attempt at a gun ban, we must stop that, that is a huge priority right now and if your not looking at ways to protect the second amendment right now, I don't know what your doing....

You just got PAULED!

His agressive personality is

His agressive personality is why I like him! We need ppl like that man. I mean look what is happening in the world. Sen. Demint is disgusting! He knows about the Fed and all that stuff. I Mean I just learn the truth a few years go, how long has he been a politician? Rand Paul is a traitor, just like everybody else! He voted for Iran sanctions and you defend him? He's a murderer my friend! You need to start looking at it like that!!!! But of course you don't, right? Lol it's a joke. Alex jones is amazing! A true American for true liberty. Peace

juan maldonado

SteveMT's picture

Ever heard of Ted Anderson?

Ted Anderson owns the GCN Network, Midas Resources, and is interviewed regularly on Alex's show. He is a metals bug.

Alex Jones does not have a great understanding of economics

or SCIENCE. He knows enough to say some things correct, and other things that sound plausible to laymen, but he makes a lot of mistakes.

He gets way over his head sometimes. In my opinion he should spend less time talking and more time reading and listening.

Please just shutup!

What is there to know about economics? Stop the spending! Lmao, Alex jones is a genius
Man! He knows more about the world on his little pinky,then you have in your whole head.

juan maldonado


"Alex jones is a genius"

You remind me of Chris "tingle up my leg" Matthews when he (baselessly) claimed that Obama was a genius with an IQ of 140. Stop humping AJ's leg for crying out loud.

You sound no different than the other folks who worship their presstitute of choice.

"What is there to know about economics?"


A signature used to be here!

Yes stop spending!!! You

Yes stop spending!!! You say AJ knows nothing about economics and again I say what is there to know besides stop printing money that isn't backed by anything and quit the spending! That's the basics my friend, so what doesn't he know? How about you treat AJ with some respect for all he's done man! And he is a genius... He knows so much about history and different cultures!!! I Never miss a show, where do you I get my news from? AJ!!!!!! The man, the myth, the legend.

juan maldonado

Troll Alert

So, Alex Jones, in addition to having the largest internet show in the galaxy,...is now supposed to be making (along with some guy named Bob) our economic policy?

How many times has Alex Jones interviewed Dr. Paul, Gerald Celente, Max Kaiser, Peter Schiff, Irwin Schiff, Paul Craig Roberts, G. Edward Griffin, Bob Chapman, etc. ?

All of these experts are free (except Irwin) to propose any strategies or alternatives they desire on the show.

Did you interview Dr. Paul lately? What's your great plan, J.P. Morgan?


Not a troll.

Just an AJ fan and subscriber who is getting frustrated with his show.

Do any of those personalities you mentioned talk about practical solutions? No. Mostly hot air with occasionally insightful predictions. Even Dr. Paul in his last hearing was somewhat dismissive of solutions that circumvented the law.

What would happen if AJ had guests with practical advice on how to stop using Fed notes in everyday life?

Well, then

you should notify his producer that you wish to an SME guest.

Rob Gray from the American Open Currency Standard?

Watch his performance at Ron Paul's hearing in August. http://www.opencurrency.com/
I will try to get him an interview.

Many odd things

Despite the many odd things, the fact that Alex Jones is a current phenomenon measures something.

I mean: even if he is a managed gate keeper, by some measures, that is a fact that measures the existence of something kept out of somewhere.

The fable of the tar baby may apply here too.


Meaning: Even if Alex Jones is another example of diversion, like the long legacy of such people, some of the truth is being spread along with the omissions, secrets if they are secrets, ignorance, misdirection, whatever, and so the readership, the audience, is being thrown into that briar patch - in my opinion.

In other words: even if an Alex Jones, or even a Ross Perot, or even a Ron Paul, is a plant, planted to maintain the gate, to keep the victims away from the truth, the gate is opening more in each case.

The demand for accurate information is being fed some, along with the supply of counterfeit information.

Case in point:

Suppose that Alex Jones is in some way connected to a competitor of The FED where the competitor wants to take over the Legal Supply of money in America, and they want to return to a Gold and Silver Legal Money System.

It will still be a Monopoly Power at a National Level, for that group, and so they are in some way backing Alex Jones, pulling the strings on Alex Jones. Something like that, which is wild speculation, could explain a reason for avoiding any mention of legalized competition in money markets from one end of the country to the other, and that preserves that Monopoly legal Money Power, where one group is trying to take over the power from another group.

I've been removed from the Alex Jones forum before I migrated to this forum. My main tune is Legal Money Competition, and that is why I think Ron Paul is the real deal, especially when compared to Alex Jones, or even Jesse Ventura.

Competition proves the point.

Who serves the interests of individual Liberty more when comparing Alex Jones as a news source with CBS as a news source?

This is all part of the Dictators Dilemma, which is a way of measuring the Power Struggle between Liberty and Crime made legal.

If you don't like the term Crime made Legal, then think in terms of The Free Market versus Competition as the same thing, the same Power Struggle.

Here is a good explanation of The Dictator's Dilemma, complete with a handy chart:



Here is a record of some of my work on the Alex Jones forum:


One way communication, such as television, or radio, books, print media in general, allows a Dictator to Monopolize the transfer of information from their point of origin out to the many people connected to that one source, one way, which is not the same thing as two way communication like a telephone.

Television is much better for Dictators who expose many people to specific forms of information, including disinformation or deceit.

Telephones are much worse for Dictators as many individuals can speak to many individuals one at a time, and the talk can be point, counter point, or two way communication.

The World Wide Web, on the other hand, is nearly a case of perfect Market Anarchism where anyone can speak to everyone anytime, with very few people (relatively speaking) who are not allowed to enter the market.


Who had access to half time advertizement time during the Super Bowl in 1990, and now almost anyone can reach the same number of people IF their message is competitive.

Before the World Wide Web the flow of information was bottled up, like a genie in a bottle, but the genie is now out of the bottle, so Alex Jones shows up.

Friend or Foe?

True or False?

Powerful, productive, mutually beneficial, competitive, accurate, moral information or counterfeit?

Alex Jones offers original sources to back up a lot of the information offered competitively in the new age of information anarchy.

Who can complain?

We have to end The FED by refusing to use their counterfeit money.

We have to end the IRS by refusing to send criminals any more of our power as they WILL use our power against us.

We have to stop dressing up, ourselves, or our children, in uniforms to then be abused by criminals with counterfeit authority, and that will bring the troops home, because they don't even leave home.

Alex Jones won't, can't, replace our POWER to be IN Liberty, nor can Ron Paul.

I do agree, however, that Alex Jones is not offering full disclosure on legal money competition - which is not the way to move toward Liberty and not the way to move away from Legal Monopoly Power (fraud and extortion made legal).


Brer Rabbit and The Tar Baby


James Baskett (February 16, 1904 – July 9, 1948) was an American actor known for his portrayal of Uncle Remus, singing the song "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" in the 1946 Disney feature film Song of the South. In recognition of his warm portrayal of the famous black storyteller he was given an Honorary Academy Award, making him the very first male performer of African descent to receive an Oscar.


enjoy folks, a little..."laughin' place".


"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

Gold and Silver

Thank You

good link...Peace

"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath



This might be tougher to employ into the general picture, but if you can manage to get to Time 49:36.

"Well the lower levels are totally pissed off and they support Ron Paul, and they know that there is something wrong."

We minions may have a very limited understanding of how close Ron Paul came to blowing this thing wide open, and it ain't over until the fat lady sings.


Don't be to quick to judge AJ!

I believe with a more research you will adjust your opinion.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Check youtube. Its a new

Check youtube. Its a new site.

Are you serious?

You MUST be joking right? Or just dishonest?

Alex Jones has been railing against the Fed for years. He pretty much pioneered it. AJ has led many a rally at Federal Reserve locations across the country.

Did you even google "Alex Jones Federal Reserve" before posting? :\

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~