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whitehouse Petition

Limit the security detail of the First Family only to what firearms are readily available to private citizens.

Petition located here:


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not that it does any good but

not that it does any good but i signed it
and i looked at the other petitions there most were depressing

went there yesterday

to sign on asking for perce morgan to be thrown out of the usa,,,i know ,,,i know,,,, free speech, liberty for all,,,individual rights,,,,, but that man is a total ass,,,,, and can't stand how he won't let eople answer or calls names

anyway,,,,,,,did you see the one for """""""""""INVITE RON PAUL TO WHITE HOUSE TO DISCUSS FOREGN POLICY"
it was cool seeing that and made my day,,,however not many signers,,,,, as we daily paul, rpforums should be able to easily exceed the 25,ooo signers minimum

let's get busy