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I live in Connecticut and just responded to my congressman, Joe Courtney after receiving his agenda...

This was my response:

Congressman Courtney,

I hope this response to your email finds you well, finds you personally, and does not fall from the inbox of one of your assistants. I also hope that my response has more impact on you then my request to NOT support the bailout, which still leaves me and many others I know extremely disappointed.

As a whole, my stance is as follows: politicians are doing a horrible job of leading this country, mostly because you choose to intervene and put yourselves above the Constitution. We are all losing faith and I'm sure you are painfully aware of the degenerating mood in our great nation.

The Newtown Disastor, like the Bath School Disastor of 1927 (which killed more children and did not involve guns), was a horrible tragedy, but should not be an excuse to push more government regulations or be an excuse to push personal agendas.

I am a lifetime hunter, have taken many hunters safety and pistol training courses, and have taught my family the same. I remind you, the 2nd Amendment is NOT about the right to hunt... but about our right to a well regulated militia to ensure the security of a free state.

Also, the issue of mental health will be equally difficult for the government to regulate, and expensive. I am reminded of Alan Turing, who after helping to crack the Nazi Enigma was subject to castration and female hormone injections because he was a homosexual, which was illegal in the UK at that time. He eventually killed himself, unfortunately.

Is it possible that these shootings are unpredictable? Natural disastors kill people as well, and are horrible tragedies. They are considered acts of God. How many things in life can we control? How many of these tragic events can the government help to avoid, and at what cost to us citizens?

Freedom comes with risk. I took my family to see the Nutcracker at the Garde Arts Theater in New London Sunday, and was relieved there were no police presence, no patdowns, no government oversight. It reminded me that things come to pass, and freedom is a great thing. We should not subject our citizens to TSA-like stress and humiliation. There is enough of that at the airports.

Please...I ask that you proceed with great caution. It is too easy to over-react after such a tragedy. Look at 9-11 and the freedoms we have lost since then.

I have children and I can't imagine the pain these families are suffering. However, we have to preserve our freedoms first and foremost.

If you are going to examine gun rights and mental health, I ask that you also address the media and their distortion of facts and their influence over the population. I ask also that you address the movie industry. Examine our 300 year history and how we ended up here. Address the endless wars we find ourselves in and our military presence across the globe.

Examine our Constitution.


(I regret leaving a few points out of my original letter to the Congressman...namely, that cars kill people too....speeding, drunk driving. But we don't take everyone's car away.

Further...I see guns as one of our last remaining existential rights...meaning, if you believe in personal responsibility...if you believe in the greater good of people, then you need to trust the majority to be responsible. To self-regulate.

I don't own an assault weapon, and I really don't see the need, for me personally. But my reaction now, feeling my freedom is threatened, is to get one. So what affect will taking guns away from everyone have you think?)

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Great letter. I actually

Great letter. I actually live in the same district as you.


Logged in just to up-vote you.

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Great letter, might use some of it if that is okay, although I am way outgunned with 100% Democrat representation. Even the Seattle City Council, who tried to regulate guns in the City before and wasted the taxpayers money by fighting it to the Supreme Court, is going to take it up again.

Again, well done.

Thank you...

I wished it could have been better, but I was being lazy and was trying to keep it short.

Feel free to use it...it's not like I'm going to make any money!