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George W Bush: The 9/11 Interview National Geographic

Notice anything "unusual" about Dubya's words here? Note that these are in chronological order (at least according to the video, which is Dubya in his own words).


20:10: "And we got in a vehicle and the kid driving the thing is going...it felt like 100 miles per hour. I mean we're bouncing along and charging along. Finally I told the guy 'Slow down. Al Qaeda's not here'".

24:00 - "And I got a report of how each department was responding to the crises. My question was 'Who did it?' The head of the CIA, George Tenet, believed it was Al-Qaeda. It had the earmarks of an Al Qaeda attack. But Tenet wasn't that definitive yet. So my first indication it could be Al Qaeda was during the national security meeting in Offutt air force base."

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George, you are a chip off the block...

just like your daddy and grand-pappy...you couldn't lie straight in bed!

sharkhearted's picture

Great find!

Yeah...either 20:10 G.W. Bush is lying...or 24:00 G.W. Bush is lying...or both.

Probably both.

That's sort of like where in another interview, GW recalled when he saw the first plane hit the tower on TV while waiting to speak at the school.

Uh huh...and that video wasn't released to the press until the next day.

So, either he is lying...or he had camera access that the rest of us didn't.

Probably both.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.