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Judge Napolitano: Police Looking at Oregon Mall Shooter Facebook Page for Possible Motive

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Intesting how Shep

Interesting how Shep fails to mention the guy with the CCW at all. I'm betting the shooter thought he was a cop and that's why he dipped into the stairwell and did himself in. Had that guy not been there with his gun drawn the shooting likely would've kept going until the police arrived.

Bump for the Judge!

Judge Napolitano makes some food points. Love this man. Bump!

thanks for the bump

Thank you

What can be done?

One question he asks the judge... "I know gun control isn't the answer, but... what can we do about all this?"

Honestly, I'm getting there too.

I'm loving the news coming out of Texas, where teachers can conceal/carry at school, that's a step in the right direction, in terms of keeping those who would do harm to people in check.

And I think JudgeNap's response that ... look, people snap, and do crazy stuff, is a perfectly reasonable response.

But its getting to the point where I just hate hearing about innocent people being shot by loonies. Is there anything decent that can be done?

Obviously, once a guy snaps and starts shooting people, the answer is that you hope someone nearby is armed and can eliminate the threat altogether.

And obviously, people willing to break the law will do so, so legislation isn't really going to address this problem.

I just wish there was anything at all that decent people could do to stop this sort of thing before little kids in schools, and young people at the mall start getting knocked off by random wacko's.

I cant come up with any ideas, and it absolutely tears me up inside.