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Johnny Depp "IS" Type Casted as the Oddball.

It seems that whenever I strike a conversation with people about Johnny Depp being type casted they reject any notion of it. However, it is painfully obvious imo that Johnny Depp is type casted as the Oddball in the majority of his movies. Tim Burton casts him time and time again and we all know Tim Burton's macabre obsession. Don't get me wrong, Johnny Depp is very versatile within the odd characters that he sets out to portray, however, it doesn't negate the fact that he is type casted and is especially adored by the counter culture i.e. mal adjusted, macabre, and those who read the book "Wicked" types of people. Personally I think his skill as an actor can reach out beyond the odd characters he is given to portray.

What are his limits though? Could he play a serious role as a knight in shining armor, a detective, a basketball coach and Santa clause without having that halloween/quirky type of flavor?

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