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Public Reading of the (disrespectful) US Apology to Native Peoples

December 19, 2012
Public Reading of the US Apology to Native Peoples

In the 2010 DOD Appropriation Act (H.R. 3326), on Page 45 of 67, there is an apology to Native Americans on behalf of the citizens of the Unites States. Today, 2 years later, there is a public reading by Native Americans of this bill.

Mark Charles, a Navajo, starts a discussion and a plan to begin reconciliation.

I refer you to this video of today's events:
and his blog:

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the topic of today is guns

which is why nobody actually read this or watched the video above!

But what does this have to do with guns? Everything. If you know anything about American history you would know that this continent was fully populated when European people arrived and decided to take it over. Guns played a big role when push came to shove.