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Free Email Service... What do you folks use?

Hi. I currently use GMAIL and I want to switch and also have my internet provider email service as well. I want to find an email service that is free and might not track my emails, like google does, in case I decide to switch internet providers.

ALso are there any DSL providers that are less then $20 per month?

Thanks folks!

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It has a free version but you have to sign in every three weeks or your account is voided. It is encrypted.

Zoho Email

I've been using Zoho Mail - http://www.zoho.com - for about a year now.

- 100% free

- no advertising

- no tracking

- full featured, best interface

- mobile access

- stable (does not go down, large company unlikely to fold)

I've had every major free provider at one time I did a lot of research to chose this one and they have not disappointed me yet.

Best one yet imo

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+1 Thanks for the tip.

+1 Thanks for the tip.

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I have several email accounts

I use google and yahoo. I have accounts for junk stuff and use fake names. I have one email for just friends and family stuff and one email for bills and one email for purchasing stuff.