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old clip i missed,colbert endorses-sort of

was searching for a clip of morning joe from tuesday,,, joe stated he supports TSa, it's needed,,,, and after tragic events like 911 we must relinquish our freedoms and liberties for safety,,,as he now endorses gun control,,,,,, Barnicle then stated emotion will get gun control passed,,,,,,oh to have a gov't pass law based on emotion,,,, not taking a step back,,, and reacting calmly,,,with thoughtful insight, reflection, levelheadedness, and potential drawbacks defined

no,,,lets go with emotion,,,,, and he gets paid to spew that crap

anyway,,,,,, i missed this clip,,, and it struck me how colbert broke character,,,got serious ,,, and said,, i like ron paul,,,,at first i thought he was knocking him with joke,,,but the comments said it was a media bash,,,saying he's misunderstood,,, although i read wiki rumplestilskin summary and still can't deduce whether it was a knock or not,,,over my head
this brings back nostalgia of a great time,,,liberty was soaring,,,and the media was spinning,,,,, and not that liberty died,,,but man while the fight goes on,,, i'll miss having dr paul as the lead voice

ps,,,, is it true that only mods can imbed videos,,, i tried it didn't work

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i don't like colbert,,, as to me it seems his whole point is mocking conservatives,,,,, especially after the roast of bush at correspondents dinner,,,, although that was awesome and bush deserved every second of the uncomfortableness,, the roast confirmed it for me

but it seems there's still debate some think he's an advocate

i can watch stewart as he's liberal but hard on the mass media. which from either side is good,,,even though liberal media hypocrisy is just as bad as fox's

any thoughts on colbert serving to mock conservatism????

They Both Mock the Two-Party System...

That, I think, is the real ploy and that is the great thing about the two. one is a Liberal Spaz and the other is the Noe-Conservative Idiot. They don't know it but those two are helping bring down the Two-Party System. Make Fun of it all and sooner or later it wont be funny anymore! By, By DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans. The "intellectually consistent" will take over from here. Don't take it personally (or Literally for that matter). It's Just satire after all.

~Good Night, And Good Luck~