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Simple math questions about Sandy Hook.

We began with 2 handguns. So, 12 to 16 bullets? (I am not a "gun nut" - correct me if I am wrong!)

Then they realized there were 27 victims with multiple wound. OOPS! Not enough bullets?

Then there were 4 handguns. Now we have enough bullets, but then the Medical Examiner said everyone died of multiple "long gun" wounds. OOPS!

OK, the rifle was inside after all, and is reported as the "only weapon used."

OOPS! Did Adam kill himself with a long gun? That is a good trick...

How many shots were fired? (Only report I can find says cops don't know.)

How many BULLETS were found in corpses?

Were there ANY shots fired from the handguns? If not, who killed Adam? Probably not Adam.

And here is one that "adds up" so far, but is worth watching.

So, 16 of the 20 children reported dead (6 adults plus Adam to get to 27 total) supposedly all died in one room. Yet children all over the school were led out with eyes closed. How much gore could there have been, outside that classroom?

Here's a non-math one that does not add up for me.
"Saying officials will identify all victims in the mass killings at a Newtown elementary school — including the shooter, who took his own life — on Saturday, state police called the day’s shocking events “heart-wrenching.”

No parents have been given access to the inside of Sandy Hook Elementary School, where the bodies of 18 children, six adults and suspected gunman Adam Lanza remain, Lt. J. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police said Friday night at a press conference. Two other children died after they were transported to a nearby hospital."

I thought family members identified bodies. And I am pretty sure as a mother, I would not have been kept away from my murdered child's body. I doubt every mother is like me, but it seems like there would be at least one.

Maybe Vi Hart can work this math out for me?

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a big gun and a small gun

Here is an interview of a man who ended up with 6 of the surviving kids at his house. He quoted a boy as saying their was a big gun and a small gun...and their teacher was dead and there was blood.....



Not sure what was used ( I haven't kept up with the story) but a glock 19 can hold a 33 round magazine.

another question

why did he wear a bulletproof vest if he was planning suicide?

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

So somebody couldn't shoot

So somebody couldn't shoot him before he was done with his rampage. With a bullet proof vest he dictates when he dies. Then again, why do you need a bullet proof vest in a "gun free zone"?

And THIS is the reason they

And THIS is the reason they will need to ban body armor ownership.

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MORE Simple Math.....

How many security cameras were on the school grounds? Where's the footage?

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They're probably

being stored with the OKC Bombing Footage and the Pentagon strike footage...buried in a dumpster somewhere. ;)

I have a question too!

Why are the words Aurora and Sandy Hook in the movie the dark knight rises?

Aurora isn't. As to Sandy Hook,

it does seem awfully ironic that someone related to the film (a film whose premiere involved mass murder) changed the name on the map of the first "target area" from South Hinkley to Sandy Hook, where a second mass murder would soon occur. Who did so and why?

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Thanks for posting...

I'm drawn by your posts Fishy. Always intriguing, always enlightening. Thank you.

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