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Ron Paul: Why do the worst shootings happen in "gun free zones?"

by Ron Paul

Gun control advocates tell us that removing guns from society makes us safer. If that were the case why do the worst shootings happen in gun free zones, like schools? And while accidents do happen, aggressive, terroristic shootings like this are unheard of at gun and knife shows, or military bases. It bears repeating that an armed society truly is a polite society.

The fact is that firearm technology exists. It cannot be uninvented. As long as there is metalworking and welding capability, it matters not what gun laws are imposed upon law-abiding people. Those that wish to have guns, and disregard the law, will have guns. Gun control makes violence safer and more effective for the aggressive, whether the aggressor is a terrorist or a government.

History shows us that another tragedy of gun laws is genocide. Hitler, for example, knew well that in order to enact his “final solution,” disarmament was a necessary precursor. While it is not always the case that an unarmed populace WILL be killed by their government, if a government is going to kill its own people, it MUST disarm them first so they cannot fight back. Disarmament must happen at a time when overall trust in government is high, and under the guise of safety for the people, or perhaps the children. Knowing that any government, no matter how idealistically started, can become despotic, the Founding Fathers enabled the future freedom of Americans by enacting the second amendment.

In our own country, we should be ever vigilant against any attempts to disarm the people, especially in this economic downturn. I expect violent crime to rise sharply in the coming days, and as states and municipalities are even more financially strained, the police will be even less able or willing to respond to crime. In many areas, local police could become more and more absorbed with revenue generating activities, like minor traffic violations and the asset forfeiture opportunities of non-violent drug offenses. Your safety has always, ultimately been your own responsibility, but never more so than now. People have a natural right to defend themselves. Governments that take that away from their people should be highly suspect.

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Dr Paul wrote

HR 2613 which would repeal the Gun Free Zone Act of 1990 and any amendments. It has been sitting in the Judicary committee since last year.

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Thank you!




thank you Allegory for posting

Although I was already aware of Dr Pauls positions on guns, it was nice to be reminded of them again after all the gov's and media's attacks on the 2nd amendment.

The other irony

When I was in high school I could get pretty much any drug I wanted, there in those "hallowed halls of education." This was before the "drug free school zones" designation, but I'd bet they are still the best place to find drugs.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

absolutely right. Even as a

absolutely right. Even as a non-smoker, weed was only a text message away. I knew who delt even though i had never smoked weed in high school. SO easy to get. Alcohol, on the other hand, was a lot harder, cux theres no black market for it. cuz its LEGAL.

you make too much sense, STOP

you make too much sense, STOP IT!!!!:)

Ron Paul 2016


Dr. Paul.


gun free zones

i will never go into another establishment that is posted as a gun free zone, except long enough to tell the owner/manager why i am not frequenting their establishment. and i will encourage everyone not to frequent these shooting galleries.

Soldiers are generally un-armed

Except when in a combat zone. Otherwise, it is against military code to be armed, except for MPs, and some officers.

gun-free zones

There are two types of criminals that disobey gun-free zones: private criminals and public criminals.

The only difference is that most of the time, the private criminals obtained their guns by purchasing them, instead of stealing them (via taxation) like the public criminals do.