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We Are The Remnant

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Meant to Add to The Remnant

As I have embarked on this major "Educate Fonta" she can better represent Dr. Paul, meant to share two books I have just finished.

The Greatest Story Ever Sold by Frank Rich. He may not be a Ron Paul supporter (yet), but his book is terrific. It presents in chronological order all of the PR spins from the White House since the summer of 2001. Sat on my bookshelf for several months. When I finally picked it up, I couldn't put it down. We are all aware of the spin, but when you read it in order in this book, it makes you furious. It would appear they do little else except plot ways to brainwash the American people. Only one way to stop this...elect Ron Paul. RP Not PR (ie spin)

When Corporations Rule the World by David C. Korten This is a life-changing book. It reorganizes your brain and deletes many of the "loops" holding you back. Here's a quote from Paul and Sherry Anderson he uses that is pertinent to us...The Remnant...and pertinent to Connor's ad and the shift in human consciousness we are going for:

"When activists reframe a significant cultural context,they're like the child who shouts that the emperor is wearing no clothes. They EXPOSE a whole belief system for what it is--a belief system, not the natural order of things, not reality. Then people who never before doubted the status quo, who took it as God-given and uterly legitimate, start to ask their own questions."
Paul and Sherry Anderson, The Cultural Creatives

Fellow RP supporters, to me, this is one of the most important things we can do for Ron Paul and the Republic...get people to see the current belief system for what it really is...recognize that it is being run by mega-globalists ( we create history) who care not a whit for tomorrow, only today's profits. Once people realize this, like all of us, they begin asking THEIR OWN questions. Educate about the real state of the union. Once educated, most people will turn to Ron Paul as their hero. They will join the remnant. We, too, can "create history"....we care about our grandchildren and their grandchildren.