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Violence Will Not Lead to More Peace or Liberty

Hatred only breeds more hatred, and the initiation of force – violence – is a primitive means resorted to out of frustration by those who are on the wrong side of a situation. When truth is communicated effectively, violence can be avoided in nearly all circumstances. Only when communication breaks down does violence occur.

People involved in the r3VOLution will be better served if they renounce violent means of achieving Our desired ends. Individuals that choose to do otherwise will find themselves marginalized and likely used as ammunition by the mainstream propaganda machine to convince the public that libertarian philosophy is to blame; thereby slowing Our ever increasing momentum towards greater individual liberty. Violence would only be detrimental to Our cause.

I am not particularly a religious person. However, I do view Jesus as a very successful philosopher that was slain at the hands of a government that realized the powerful nature of his message. But regardless if we may agree on Jesus' status, we can agree that his message was intended to be a peaceful one. As a testament, his philosophy still widely persists today. Unfortunately, due to elements of collectivism within Christian philosophy, it was able to be co-opted by the Roman Empire and used for violence. Modern governments have followed the Romans’ example. Nowadays, Christianity is used by demagogues to spawn hatred for Muslims, gays, and other religions. This is no secret.

The reason why Jesus’ message has been so successful is largely due to its peaceful approach towards human interaction. Violence is not natural to Man except in cases of self-defense. Children must be taught to lie. Children must be taught to use violence to achieve goals. Children learn to be “bad.” They are not born that way. To the contrary, children naturally tell the truth and seek to protect their own property. Children are very often taught to act against human nature. The philosophy Jesus professed was the most compatible with human nature, and so, it has persisted.

Violent philosophies tend not to persist as widely or as long. The philosophy of Genghis Khan has not lasted. The philosophy of justified cruel and unusual means of punishment employed by Vlad III of Wallachia (the impaler) continues to wane. The philosophy of Hitler has not persisted except in narrow, dwindling circles. More so, lasting communication of these figures and the philosophies that guided them serve to humanity as examples of philosophical pitfalls to be avoided. Philosophies that oppose human nature will always fail.

If followers of libertarian philosophy – non-aggression – wish to expedite Our eventual victory, violence should be avoided except in absolutely necessary cases of self-defense. For instance, We certainly should not tolerate confiscation of Our arms. In that situation, political demagoguery will not likely work in attempts to justify disarmament to the public. However, Our triumph will come more quickly if We adhere to the non-aggression principle and refuse to initiate violence to achieve Our ends. The truth is on Our side, and Our philosophy reflects human nature more than any of its predecessors. We will win. It is inevitable.

Leave the violence to those who are on the losing side of the ideological battle. Their use of force will only make it more clear to the masses where truth can be found. Effective communication is far superior to violence. The pen is mightier than the sword – undoubtedly.

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OK since when was violence part of our program?

You make good points in general but you failed to tie violence to us in any meaningful way and CAN'T BE. Because what you IMPLY here doesn't exist. The Principle Of Non Aggression is simply a SCREAMING FROM THE ROOF TOPS CONTRADICTION of your implication.

We don't initiate force. We ideologically uphold our right to defend against force. Start over and get it right this time.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Missed it

I missed any implied connection to violence in the post. I read it as a reminder that violence won’t ever work.
I can’t say I haven’t felt frustration and anger, which often lead to violence (not be me).

I take the point from here to be mindful of myself, and not give in to the frustrations I may feel.

I credit Dr. Paul, and this site (among others) with my awakening to certain truths, and welcome reminders of the message and it's aspects in life.

Just open the box and see

And we need to maintain our faithful application of NAP....

Often times, even good people can become frustrated and act hastily based on emotion. That's why I felt what I said needed to be stated.

Guess someone should have

Guess someone should have mentioned that to the Founders when they kicked British butt in the Revolutionary War. Their violence led to more liberty, so I find your premise flawed.

Blessings )o(

In that case, violence was a last resort and only in defense...

of the sovereignty of people of the Colonies. Peaceful means were continuously tried until the British declared war. If the British would have recognized the rights of the American people, violence would not have been necessary.

We too should exhaust all peaceful means to achieve our ends, and only resort to violence in cases of unavoidable self-defense.

The Founders did not invade England. They wrote documents stating their grievances.


Little kids have to be taught to lie? Humans aren't naturally honest. We do whatever we can to avoid trouble; kids lie the second they figure out they can use it to escape punishment for a bad action.

Violence is, in fact, natural to man. There's a reason the Bible refers to mankind as fallen. We're a screwed up batch of folks. Non-aggression seems weird to many because, well, that's just not the way we're hard-wired to operate, and it requires a conscious effort to abide by this principle.

Having a Difficult Time Following...

This statement is confusing me:

Little kids have to be taught to lie? Humans aren't naturally honest. We do whatever we can to avoid trouble; kids lie the second they figure out they can use it to escape punishment for a bad action.

At first it is questioned about lying being taught.
Then it is stated they lie in response to punishment.

Well, there you are saying they are taught - taught as a response to punishment. Punishment seems to be an aggression directed towards the child and in response it spawns the behavior of lying.
So punishment is the main issue from what I see. Again, we learn punishment because we are punished. All it takes is to replace violence/aggression/control with love/peace/understanding.

Can we imagine a world where every parent brings up their children with the teaching of love/understanding instead of punishment/reward?

People, regardless of age, lie to avoid pain.

When we stop punishing people for saying the truth, they become more honest.
I wonder what the children think when they hear their parents say "Don't lie" on one breath then curse "truthers" in the next.
But then, I wonder why parents insist their kids act like they believe in Santa Claus, or else they might not get presents. (My husband's influence - if you think I am a stickler for truth, you should meet the man who taught me to love it.)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Kids naturally tell the truth...

Instead of teaching them to communicate the truth effectively, we teach them to lie to people and call it "manners." How many times have you heard a parent get on to a child for pointing out someone's obesity - for instance - and then ensue to pay the potentially offended person empty compliments to make up for what the child said?

I guess you've never encountered the brute honesty of an uncorrupted youngster that has just learned to speak.

There's a difference

between stating your insulting opinion of someone and admitting that you did, in fact, hit your little sister.

Saying one has minimal consequences and it's "funny" to watch others squirm, the other gets you a heck of a spanking. Kids like to be honest in their opinions of others, but like to avoid punishment.

There is no such thing as uncorrupted. My experience of little kids is that they're simply less talented at lying. They're humans with all the flaws of humans.

On the contrary, children learn over time that lies can help...

them avoid punishment.

Further, children's honesty is rarely rewarded by parents. For instance, a child that is being questioned for potential bad behavior often still receives punishment regardless if he or she owns up to it and tells the truth ("good" parents do otherwise). Then later, the child decides that honesty doesn't work and gives lying a try, and abracadabra! - they avoid punishment.

I would like to know why this received a downvote???

I'd be happy to discuss.

There's a New Game In Town

I agree with your post and will give it a +1.

What's the new game? It's called Pen, Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The Pen always beats the others, it always triumphs over evil.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.