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The Media Has Transformed Itself Into Tabloid Fishmongers

Main Stream Media no longer represents unbiased investigative journalism; they now serve their corporate and government masters. What do you think Political Science is all about? It's deception, misdirection and outright lies.

The fluidity of the reporting from the first day of this tragedy (Friday, December 14) is designed to shock the nation and exploit the families' grief to accomplish their hidden agenda. They want to disarm the American people so we no longer have the means to defend ourselves when the full measure of Orwellian government thuggery is unleashed upon all of us.

Some basic questions have not been asked or followed up with:

1. Did Adam wear eye glasses or contact lenses?
2. Was Adam allergic to anything?
3. Did Adam ever receive postal mail at the house?
4. Did Adam have credit cards and what did he use them for?
5. Did Adam have a bank account?
6. Did someone have a life insurance policy on Adam?
7. What recent pictures of Adam exist including any holiday gatherings?
8. Were prescription drugs found anywhere in the house prescribed for Nancy or Adam and by whom?

9. Nancy was well off financially. How is it there was only one car used by two people?

10. What was the balance of money in the household checking and savings accounts?

11. Did Nancy write any large personal checks and to whom?
12. Are there any guns unaccounted for in Nancy's collection?
13. Who had keys to the house including relatives, workmen or even Peter Lanza, the father?

14. Nancy took a sailing trip in 2008 (see: ). Who watched over 16 year old Adam?

15. How is it that no one has come forth and said anything positive about Adam, not one person, including his father?

16. When was the last time anyone saw or spoke to Adam Lanza?
17. When was the last time anyone saw or spoke to Nancy Lanza?

18. Who will claim the bodies of Adam and Nancy and what will be their

19. Is Peter Lanza grieving over the loss of Adam (or Nancy)?

20. Who would benefit from Nancy or Adam's death?

There is a motive for Nancy's death, that being the termination of ongoing alimony paid by Peter Lanza to Nancy. For 2012, the sum paid was $289,800. He also was required to pay the premiums on a $3,000,000 life insurance policy naming Nancy as the beneficiary (see: ).

Peter Lanza's salary was reported to be $445,000 annually so he was paying over half of his gross income to Nancy (see: ) .

The investigation is ongoing. These questions need to be answered if we are going to find out how and why these murders happened. We have to absolutely stay on this like bulldogs. We cannot let it go, we cannot allow another whitewash like what happened on 9/11. The truth is out there. Let’s go find it

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