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Happy Holidays and SSRI’s Best Wishes to You!


Happy Holidays and SSRI’s Best Wishes to You!

Attack of the Drones War Part II

Here comes Christmas and who knows what else folks.

Things are really heating up in the kitchen of chaos, what with this gun ban battle and false flag event in Newtown, CT. We are all sorry for what happened to those people but the truth is, the real and only reason for the mass killings are the SSRI drugs these kids are all taking.


Babylon is at a quick paced full on assault on the Second Amendment. We are hearing about the head puppet trying to use color of law orders to supersede the Constitution, the real law of the land, by implementing some sort of gun control. Why? So we will be weakened by our own govt working for the babylonian globalists that are about to embroil us into more world war with the chinese and russians. It will be easier to conquer the country after the seditious american citizenry is disarmed. That was part of the deal when the babylonians were getting war money from the chinese. The communists in the white house had to quell those evil americans before the chinese and russian invasion comes, otherwise the invasion would be in doubt of succeeding. It all could come in UN blue too.

Communist Chinese Government Calls For Americans to be Disarmed:


Red Alert!! Obama GUN CONFISCATION Starts Jan 1, 2013:


Take away America’s only ways of defending it’s populations and the conquering will be a lot easier shooting these fish in the barrel. All according to the plan of course. These evil things pit everyone against each other and then come and kill off the rest of those who served them just before they take over everything. Same cycles of the two previous world wars. We are collectively too stupid to learn from history anymore that it is the same old Cesarean divide and conquer methodology to subdue and take over nations resources and lands. The new twist is, they also know the crash is coming and do not want people to have the ability to go after the real criminals in govt. We should have already done what Iceland did.


But it may not go as planned:

Exclusive: Cops, detectives, FBI agents, U.S. soldiers tell Natural News they will not enforce gun confiscation orders:


Another aspect not to forget is the Federal Reserve has done it’s job of destroying this country and indebting it into an endless hole of woe-is-me. They may have hyped the 2012 thing to be a cover for the real crash of the Fed Res as planned. The charter was only to last one hundred years and then it is a done deal. Crash and profit as they leave the rest of the country to battle amongst themselves and then come back and take control later after the chaos has played out it’s course. Pretty simple evil. Same world war cycle, only this time america is being set up to lose.

What we are always looking at is the signs on the wall. We all see the gun issue now, but who is looking at the middle east preparations for war as this is being written? A war to cover the crash. As planned. One very concerning sign is the quick rising of the oil prices. Normally, and because the oil barons always know what is coming before it happens, the prices shoot up towards the sky just before a major event, or war related event happens. They want to profit and plunder as much as possible before everything goes crazy. These evil monsters are sucking the nation dry like a giant squid vacuum of all monies, so no one can be empowered to stop them. The price of crude just shot up $4.00 since its low last week. It is still on the rise as the metals are on the sinking low. Makes one wonder who is selling massive amounts of silver and gold now to cash in before everything comes crashing down?


We also saw this article yesterday that is very concerning. Here is the story of an innocent girl and her family that was traumatized for nothing. These storm trooper crazies shot at and almost killed a teenage girl for no specific reason, other than they were serving a search warrant. They still have not said what it was for, and there appears to be no apparent reason for this horrible act of violence and tyranny. It looks more like a training operation for what is coming to EVERYONE’S’ DOOR SOON!

SWAT team fires semi-automatic weapons at unarmed teenage girl:


Reading into the article, we see an alarming and powerful statement made by one of the marauders that invaded and attacked this girl. The report says he said, “She’s got a gun” and this was the triggering statement that sent these guys into a shark like feeding frenzy shooting at everything in an insane and uncontrolled way. Don’t forget that a lot of these evil drones are seasoned killers of women and children from the Iraq war who were specifically conditioned like lab rats to kill, and be heartless murderers for this very exact specific reason of the coming War on Americans. At any time, anywhere, any one of these horrible fbi killers can make this statement ‘they got a gun’ about anyone in any situation to bring down all hell fire on anyone they want to remove, or kill for any reason at all. One at a time, no one stands a chance. The disease of division has gone viral in America and now it is ripe to fall to itself…one by one. With the anti-constitutional laws they think are real written the way they are now, ANYONE can be murdered this way for any reason at all. There is no truth, justice, or rule of law anymore. We have effectively slipped into chaos and soon the hellish repercussions of a dead at the wheel nation will come to bare on the ignorant.

What is coming to america will be far, far worse than what happened in nazi germany. Those same banksters that created nazi germany, have now created nazi amerika. Do you get it people? Here is the exact tool and methodology of the babylonians that will come in the early morning, or any other time of day to murder you, or your family just because you believe you still have any rights at all. No one is going to escape the horrendous murderous beast that is going to come to your door eventually. Here is the evil that can say about anyone, “she has a gun” and then kill you without any recourse, or anyone caring.

Texas troopers subject women to roadside cavity searches after routine traffic stop (VIDEO):



We are slipping into something worse than the nazi evil germany ever was. This is the most wicked murderous empire state of evil that has ever come into creation in this world. AMERICA IS THE GREAT EVIL SATAN THEY SAY WE ARE. Own it! All you have to do is sit there and some day they will kick in your door and scream, you got a gun and kill you and yours with no one knowing anything but what the propagandists will blab in the next days news rag, if anything is even said at all. People will shrink in horror and hope they are not next. Stupid is as stupid does and they too will succumb to the beast eventually.

It is and has been a real shame to watch this nation slowly fall into the hell it is fast bound for. Truly, there are solutions and answers to every major problem there is. What are the chances of calling all the troops home for Christmas, instead of lining them up on the Syrian chessboard? Slim to none because the nation is struggling to survive and under too much duress to even care about anything but their own self serving ways and habits of the lazy. Most are hopelessly addicted to the TV drug and know not what comes soon. Sheep for the slaughter.

Will we as a Nation survive? Think about it. All you and your families have established over time can and will more than likely be wiped out in one night. Hundreds of years of traditions gone in an bloody instant. The evil take over of first your states, then your counties and towns will happen and no one is going to rescue you or save you from the coming holocaust. The wicked babylonian beast is about to do something horrible according to all the signs that are shaping up. Feel free to add to the list of these signs and pass this information on.


US Boots in Bulgaria? 'Foreign troops threat to sovereignty, benefit elites only':


NATO Approves Sending Patriot Missiles to Turkey to Defend Against Syrian Strikes:


Russia sends ship-killer missiles to Syria:


Russia sends warships for possible Syria evacuation: agency


Press TV: United States bent on eventual destruction of Russia:


Please pray for peace and awakening to find sanity so we can all learn to live as one good people of the world…in Peace. Tis the season after all.


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Great collection

Wouldn't it be great to see Rachel Maddow reading that script? lol!

I don't know about the lack of input. There are usually lots of people here, just very few that post.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Truthbearer's picture


...one thing is for sure.

There is still a dark presence here that loves to down vote truth and real information. A stooge pig zionist minion that has nothing better to do than to disrupt and destabilize peace and good Light.

Maybe it is the puke below this comment?


You should get some fresh air and leave the bunker.

If you think you are truth seeking by posting Infowars, you sir, are a fool.

more name calling

Produce some facts or take your name calling somewhere else.
You don't like courts, you don't like doctors, only the sacred opinion of DELYSID means anything?
I really don't get too uptight about idiots on the internet, but I have gotten to the point that I really do not like you.
If you ever have a legitimate piece of evidence, show me. If you have a genuine question, ask me. Other than that, please do not comment on anything I post, I don't even appreciate the bumps anymore. Or even the chance to bring more facts to the thread, I am just tired ofyou picking on people with childish crap like name calling. Your opinion is well understood, and in complete denial of any and all facts presented to you.
Merry Christmas and STFU.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

He called me a "puke."

YOU are the one blitzing the DP with unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

"The number of bullets don't add up!"

"He MIGHT be on SSRIs"

"Were there 4 shooters?"

What the hell are you trying to accomplish?

And and do you want proof of how stupid Alex Jones is? Listen to him talk about psychotropic drugs. Alex Jones is a DEMAGOGUE, FEAR-MONGERING, AND SENSATIONALIST. All of disciples are fools and are embarrassing to the liberty community. Good job Fishy. I would never tell someone new to the liberty movement to go to the DailyPaul, as it is almost all speculation and paranoia. It is only a couple of you doing it. FishyCulture, Truthbeaer, Mneydam, SteveMartin when he was here.



"They who are in search of the Truth will ask everything,
He who is in denial of the truth will say anything."

Shut out the Demagogue and pay attention to the substance of the arguments, you may be enlightened.

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

Well said, fishy!

Thank you.

Blitz! Fear-mongering! Sensationalism!

SSRIS KILL! SSRIS kill the patient and everyone around him!

Big Pharma is the enemy!

Drugs cause violence!

Evil corporations!

Everyone run around in circles!

Alex Jones is the smartest man on Earth. Everything he says is 100% true. Infowars is the greatest collection of knowledge on the planet!

The DailyPaul has turned into a giant, paranoid, circlejerk.

Post ONE shred of evidence for your nonsense

You ignore the warnings of people who work in the industry, of courts who have heard "all sides" of the argument, and troll well-researched and referenced threads with your smears.
I try to cut you a little slack, if you were on those meds there is no telling what scrambled brains you may be dealing with, but ENOUGH of your slander.
If you have contrary views, bring contrary evidence but STOP the trolling.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You only have 2 sources. Peter Breggin and David Healy

Even Thomas Szasz didn't go to the extreme lengths that you are going to. He at least acknowledged a use for medicine and fought for Civil Rights, but you are giving a blanket demonization of all of pharmacology.

All your other sources just parrot what Breggin and Healy say.

Why does a judge who ruled in a court that SSRIs cause violene count as a legitimate source? There are judges who ruled in favor of big Pharm. Do you recognize their opinions? Or are they just part of the conspiracy? What about all of the psychiatrists who think there is a weak to non-existent correlation between SSRIs and violence? Do they not matter? Are they part of the conspiracy?

See that's what is so great about being a conspiracy theorist! Any accusation you make is correct, and anyone who counters your view is just part of the conspiracy! What a formula!

First off I have no regard for the courts

Judges and juries are just as susceptible to falling for bullshit as anyone.

I have been on those drugs. You know who should go on an anti-psychotic? Or at least smoke some weed? Fucking Alex Jones.

But here is evidence from an article that you linked to. And by the way, you are the one trying to convince the entire DP community that SSRIs cause murder. I am in a position of trying to prove a negative. Frankly I think it is ridiculous to blame human action on a drug, but apparently that logic is unacceptable.

Justice Heinrichs relied largely on the expert testimony of Dr. Peter Breggin, a controversial American physician known for his outspoken opposition to the use of virtually any psychiatric drug. Some other experts say scientific evidence of a link between the latest anti-depressants and homicide is thin.

“I think it got pulled out of a hat, frankly,” said Dr. Umesh Jain, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental health. “You could construct a weak and biologically plausible effect, but you’d have to be pretty convincing in court.”

Studies have established such drugs can increase the risk of young patients having suicidal thoughts. Their tendency to lift inhibition could also release some hostility or violence lurking in a person’s character, said Dr. Jain. Small studies like one he co-authored in 1992 have also suggested that the drugs can trigger short-term mania, especially in bi-polar disorder patients.

There is little or no scientific evidence directly linking the anti-depressants and serious violence or homicide, though, he said.

Truthbearer's picture

What happened...

...to all the intelligent life here?

Seems like this place is a ghost town now.

Very Sad. We had a chance to save this country, and the people failed to do it. Now, it is only a matter of a short time period until all hell breaks loose.

The price of crude is WAY UP today and this is an ominous sign of calamity to come!!! Get ready for something to possibly happen tomorrow, or on Christmas Day.

Blessings to all.

PS: Howdy Michael!