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Live Tonight: Ok Gop State Chairman, Matt Pinnell On Liberty Live Stream Team Show (Remember The Parking Lot Convention)

You don't want to miss the show tonight at 9pm EST!

LIVE TONIGHT at 9pm EST, Matt Pinnell, Oklahoma Republican Party State Chair, will be on the Liberty Live Stream Team show with Suriyah & Qadoshyah Fish. Many of you will remember the significance of the OK GOP if you remember the "Parking Lot Convention."

The Fish sisters will discuss the past year, the mistakes made this last year, including new people in the Party, some questions about the RNC, the lessons learned from this election and more. If you have any questions, leave them at the FB event page below or ask them in the chat tonight.


WATCH LIVE AT: http://show.ronpaultribune.com

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I missed it! : (

Is there an archive? A rebroadcast? or a youtube?

LIVE in 10 minutes


-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot

This should indeed be

This should indeed be interesting.


should be interesting

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.



Don't miss it!