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Libertarianism is a contradiction

Libertarianism stands for less money for international security and more for personal security, less overwhelming expense on international security but better weapons for personal use. Of course few spend the majority of their personal buying and borrowing power on personal security expense.

Before the latest school tragedy there was finally common ground. Those Representatives with a zero NRA rating joined with those with a 92% or 100 % and jointly signed a Congressional letter calling for defense cuts. There were two exceptions Kurt Schrader OR (NRA 83%), Justin Amash MN (NRA 58%). Justin Amash was on the Budget Committee, supposedly kicked off in order to get a compromise budget, but he claims was kicked off, as well as the other Reps caned, because he asked to work with Democrats on Defense Cuts. Uniquely both Kurt Schrader’s and Justin Amash’s web pages are full of material on the need for defense cuts.

The rest of the country suddenly forgot about every issue except freedom from guns and the freedom to be protected with a gun. Some say people care about nothing but sports but I say we care about nothing but guns or being protected from them. I find it sad that some elementary kids were killed in school due to one man’s whim and that the result is that we will all have to try to survive in a thus currency free world after international currency collapse.

There are colorful people that stand out that we call leaders. However, I never even heard of Justin Amish until he began squeaking that that the press’s explanation that he got kicked off the Budget Committee because extremists were getting in the way of compromise, was a lie. I never heard of Kurt Schrader, but looking for a handy list and not being able to find it to show that Republicans who stand out for peace like guns and Democrats that like peace want to control guns.

Perhaps they together can figure out how humankind wont end up in the barter-only world humans used to live in five thousand years ago.
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and im not sure security is

and im not sure security is what you would call our foreign policy. Bombing some kids dad so that his son will want to bomb me, doesnt sound like security.... but you are spot on about the barter economy someday lol



Where's the contradiction?

Where's the contradiction? Buying a gun for protection is self defense. Attempting to convince fellow citizens to stop supporting a government bent on empire expansion despite the cost of killing innocent people in other countries, which invites blowback against this country - that's also self defense.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

When an individual makes a voluntary purchase...

it is with their own money. When a government makes a purchase, it is with taxpayers' money regardless if the taxpayers agree with the purchase or not. This is a reason why governments should have very limited functions. They are not productive. They are overhead to society.

I wrote a post without knowing the answer

I really wonder why Justin Amash and the NRA are cool not warm to each other especially since he is supposed to be so similar to Ron Paul who they love,

This is so far all I could find,

Anyway I wish we could all get back to trying to solve the Budget Crisis, instead of arguing over who is or is not a monster in the gun debate.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA

Guns are more important than

Guns are more important than budget cuts.

I know the NRA does not support liberty

They sold out years ago, GOA are "the good guys" now.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

if theNRA is bad mouthing Justin

The more I like him. The NRA stands for Natioal Republican Association. They hate liberty as much as the Nazi Republican Party!