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Gun Control: A Proposal Which Protects Our Freedom

I find myself, at this time, a supporter of gun control...

You have the self-evident right to bear arms in order to protect your right to exist. Self-defense is the most important right that we have for obvious reasons.

That is why I'm proposing that as part of your Oath of office contract, unless in the military, part of the contract is to surrender your 2nd amendment right while on duty.

There is a MOUNTAIN of evidence that supports the FACT that public SERVANTS are a threat to the people because they are armed. Just start doing some research on how many times people are killed for "committing" some non-violent "crime" vs how many times armed public SERVANTS have ever saved anyone's life. The evidence is OVERWHELMINGLY AGAINST public SERVANTS being armed.

Public SERVANTS are then limited to a note pad and a video camera and are not allowed to use violence. Since 99.9999% of the time they are not on the scene in order to prevent violence anyway, it is logical to make them instead just "public informants" who, if they have a legitimate beef against one of the MASTERS (the people) they bring that complaint to a grand jury.

The only way in 99.9999% of cases to stop violence from happening is for people on the scene to be armed and properly trained in the use of arms. If the people are not armed they will continue to be victims because the police virtually NEVER get there in time to prevent what criminals intend to do.

Next we have a strong push of education about why guns are important in a free society. I believe everyone would be EXTREMELY cordial with each other if we were all either armed or had the potential to be armed. Nobody would flip off anyone in traffic, nobody would be verbally deriding anyone else and everyone would be able to live their lives, enjoy their liberty and pursue their happiness without government interference.

The founders did not intend for government to interfere with our lives. Anyone who tells you different is a control freak who can't accept how you use your freedom.

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No.7's picture

Come on man

That is not in any way a Libertarian idea. You can't want freedom for yourself and friends and not for others and you can't force anyone to give up their Rights. Cops are people too just like you who should be able to defend themselves. What is so hard to understand about "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" for any of the people, ever.

I wish you would put your mind to the task at hand, the goal of this site, and the goal of Dr. Paul. Start working to restore the Constitution! You are very capable of accomplishing a lot with the right goal in mind. This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about in my "defeatist" post.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

So I hope after reading this post

everyone is for gun-control.