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Friend had guns and ammunition taken without warrant

So an old friend I know was arrested and had her house searched without a warrant or permission to enter the home on account that she was a "danger" to herself. They took every gun and all ammunition she owned. And all of this was from reports from one person, without any tangible evidence.

fuck ***
monday night cell phone call wakes me up
im tired as shit
number says restricted
some guy knows my name is asking how i am
says i sound depressed
its a cop
he wants to talk and make sure im okay
im too tired and stupid and weak to blow my head off right then and there
so he convinced me to put on clothes real quick and walk out
cops hidden in the fucking woods
they tell me to walk out to the middle of the road with my arms in the arm
its dark and raining
and then they fucking swarm at me with automatic rifles at my head
about seven of them
they put me in handcuffs and more cop cars drive up from all directions
someone called and said i was going to kill myself with a machine gun
they take my keys and go through my entire house and car and take every gun and ammo i had
then they yell at me for a bit and take me to the emergency room saying im suicidal
they fuck up the lock on the handcuffs so they kept getting tired on the ride there and my hand is still bruised from it
i was left in the emergency room for about 20 hours while various people came to talk about wat was going on
and why i had cuts all the fuck over
and why i was going to kill myself
the only thing i could do was sit and stare at the clock
it was brutal
finally they say i can voluntarily admit myself to the psych ward or they will involuntarily admit me
i sign some papers
and get wheelchaired up to the ward
there it sucks
its so boring and stupid
and crazy people are everywhere
i met some crazy bitch though who was really nice
everyone also knew about my cuts and that i was trans so everyone reffered to me as she and her
oh right
when i found out i was being commiited
i had to have my mom get my kitty ***** and take care of her
so when she shows up with my little brother
i get the nurse to give her my keys since i only had scrubs on wasnt allowed anything at all
and then i had to explain to both that i'm transgender and thats why they are going to find all my girl shit laying on my couch
three times a day you have group meeting with various nurses and such
in one of these groups i painted a box
ill take a picture
in the others we played a game where i lost it in cut myself with my finger nail
social anxiety and all
in another you sit and watch a movie about aschizophrenic man
lights out at 11 and its quiet time until 7am
if you cant control yourself your get strapped to a bed in the quiet room
some black girl who was crazy as fuck
and she threw a chair at a nurse
and they had to tackle her and stick her with some drug
then drag her into the quiet room
she got released before me
she may have had a learning disbility i think and they werent going to be able to help her
but i had to reiterate why *** is a fucking lunatic over and over again before they let me go
i told them it was ******* *** in fucking ******* who put me here
so hour long group meetings
the rest of the time is free time
where you sit and keep busy somehow
me and this crazy bitch who was super nice to me played uno a fucking lot
i am really damn good at uno now
we tried a few other games and even made a puzzle with some old black woman
food wasnt bad
you get a menu for breakfast lunch and menu and circle wat you want and then you get it the next day and circle a new menu
theres a trick where you can write certain stuff in and get it like chcoolate milk or pizza
no caffeine watsoever
nothing with strings allowed
nothing metal you can hurt yourself with so no cans or the like
tv was there but only for three hours after dinner time and 2 hours before the first group meeting
you have to ask the nurses to turn it on or off
theres windows but no fresh air
the crazy girl who was nice traded phone numbers with me
she got released the same day
thats all i can remember
oh right
i have to see a therapist, endocronist, and go to support meetings for LGTBQ
also they said my cat was making horrible noises at everyone that wasnt me
i changed the m on my bracelet from male to t for trans

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Sounds like she was Kidnapped against her will by

STATE goons who had not authority to enter her premises or take he into custody, unless she is a government employee who is receiving pay and was on the clock, performing a function of government at the time of the complaint.

I'd sue that police dept for Kidnapping charges; they took a private individual that's not a government employee out of her private home without her consent; threw her in a car and took her to a hospital without her consent, then under threat and duress, coerced her into signing herself into a psych ward.

Girl, if you know what you're doing, you just hit the lottery.

PS: Do not hire an attorney, you will be automatically labeled as a ward of the state, and will not be able to argue jurisdiction. Bring a lawsuit against them in your personal-private capacity and clean their F*****ing bank accounts dry to the bone.


then say nothing at all.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Wow. Is this for real?

Sounds like a movie. Sorry you had to go through all of that.



I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.