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Check this out tonight at 10 EST.

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What is this supposed to be

What is this supposed to be about? I click the link and find absolutely nothing that tells me what I'm supposed to tune in to, or why.

Blessings )o(

The Radio Show Is Talking About The Dec 21 Rollover

One caller claimed to have family members working for NASA, which acknowledged back in the 70's that some nibiro like asteroid/whatever has been identified, and this is related to why the government is making all these preparations. At this point the caller sounded like he had one more important thing to get off his chest at which point I lost my Internet connection for two minutes, therefore missing the rest of the call.

If anyone else caught the rest of this call, could you please post what else was said?

Thank you.

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Click HERE to listen to the live KXL Stream

Click HERE to listen to the live KXL Stream http://www.kxl.com/pages/stream_player


Click listen now...

at 10 EST. the broadcast will be live at 10 EST live @ KXL