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New Information on the Sandy Hook girl

It was suggested that I give this it's own page.
I saw this on facebook..i'm just going to copy and paste his whole thing.

''Alright this is the scariest shit I've seen thus far regarding the Sandy Hook conspiracy. Let me try to walk you through this image step by step, and yes, I have checked for validity of all the images in this collage. First watch this video of Robbie Parker, Emilie Parker's father, the girl pictured in this image.
Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKWgCRBR5qE
Second, visit this link, it is supposedly for Emilie Parker's funeral service http://www.abc4.com/content/news/top_stories/story/Funeral-A...
Now visit the source site for the picture of Obama posing with the kids AFTER the event happened http://abcnews.go.com/meta/search/imageDetail?format=plain&s...
Now Tell me what is going on here. And don't come at me with "that could be her sister" look at this photo before you say that, look at the dress, same one. http://hollywoodlife.com/2012/12/16/robbie-parker-forgives-g...
Now Tell me what is going on here.''

INFORMATION COURTESY OF https://www.facebook.com/worldwidefreedom1

UPDATE: Links should be fixed

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I can't watch that A$$H0LE anymore

Robbie Parker taking those FOUR Corrective breaths to get into character.

All my friends say he's in shock and was composing himself. BS!

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A couple of my friends said the same thing.

Does he look like he needs to compose himself?!
If you played it backward, maybe.

According to this article:

Her parents, Robbie and Alissa Parker, both grew up in the Ogden area. The family moved to Connecticut in December 2011.


How could Emilie Parker be a kindergarten student in Rio Rancho, New Mexico last year?

RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) - The news of the Connecticut mass school shooting hits home for many in New Mexico.

One of the youngest victims, 6-year-old Emilie Parker, moved to Newtown just a year ago from Rio Rancho.

She was a kindergartner in New Mexico last year.


According to the neighbor in the video, the Parkers moved from Odgen 8 months ago.

The tragedy has staggered a nation, including many people who live far from the site of the unimaginable crime. Emilie, her parents, Robbie and Alissa Parker, and her two younger siblings were beloved members of President Christiansen's stake before moving to New England a few months ago.


Start with the little things. When did the family move from Utah?

If not girl on the right then..

Ok if it is the girl on the left in fact(in this pic) http://hollywoodlife.com/2012/12/16/robbie-parker-forgives-g...

Then where did that space in her teeth go?

Its certainly not present here:

http://www.kasa.com/dpps/news/crime/nm-school-remembers-emil... (PIC #3)

or here:


And why is the middle childs face blocked in this article?
Heres the pics unedited from the Blaze.

Maybe they got rid of it when they

magically forced her hair to start growing in another direction, changing her part from the right side of her own head to the left side.

Maybe she was a shapeshifting Sumarian lizardman/NWO footsoldier/Global Banker and Lanza was just "fightin' the man".

Or, you know, maybe you're just acting like a moron.


That one does't even show her teeth. Why don't you post screencaps of the pictures in the vids in question for your evidence, like I did in the post you clearly responded to but for whatever reason didn't do so directly.

I mean, in a world where we won't trust the mainstream media, I guess we can absolutely rule out the possibility that maybe hollywoodlife.com just fucked up and said it was the wrong kid in the family pic, right? Because they're infallible?

Your what

my mentally disabled friend calls "a dumb fu*(".

Yeah, I hate evidence too

Thanks for not showing me any.

Also, upvoting yourself is pretty pathetic.

that's the sister, apparently

that's the sister, apparently wearing the same dress (maybe it was a hammy down?)

i'm very good at distinguishing faces, trust me.

I hope you meant to say "hand

I hope you meant to say "hand me down"...

Adam Lanzas Girlfriend missing?

theres a link on that hollywood page in referenced article above stating the girlfriend of Lanza is missing, but the link goes nowhere, says cannot be found?

What if...

What if this stuff is put out there deliberately to further separate people who are willing to consider possibilities, and who profoundly mistrust government, from all the TV zombies?

Whether or not the evidence backs this hypothesis up, outside of the people who are inclined to think about things of this sort, nobody is convinced of anything...it's too outlandish, no matter what evidence you present, for 90 percent of the public.

So, the division between those who are "awake" and everyone else deepens and widens, and we lose credibility in other areas, things that CAN be proven such as truths regarding economics, war, police state, etc.

Wouldn't this be a good way to pull some percentage of pro-gun people away from the gun debate right now, when it's vital, and get us comparing photos and ranting about government actors to people who can't begin to conceive of what we're getting at?

Or, what if that's not the intention, they're just morons who can't fake their own crises convincingly, but what if that's the effect? We waste a lot of time, become even more marginalized?

Just throwing it out there.

You may be right. This could

You may be right. This could be harmful even if it is true.

The caption on the family photo:

"Emile Parker (Right),6, with her family before she was killed."

Was the last part of the sentence necessary...a Freudian slip?

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Younger sister

It is possible its her sister who is a year younger. I noticed she is wearing the dress in the family photo but I assume the family photo was taken a year ago and for the services they put her younger sister in that same dress. My opinion its probably Emilie's younger sister.


I agree.

She looks like the middle sister in a hand-me-down dress.

I think there are other weird facets to the story, though.

Ann in Florida

'Let's Roll' ...

... Play.

Who writes these scripts ?


'You promised me a new day a-dawnin'.,,


Dawn's early light:

Hochsprung = high jump


“She was always somebody who wanted to go the extra mile, always set the bar high for herself, her staff, her kids and their school,” Van Aken said. “That was the kind of person that she was.”

Like a Hollywood parody with caricatures in key 'rolls' (sic) for contrived narrative.

I was already losing my shit, called my girlfriend over here to

have her also lose her shit, and as we're both losing our shit, we rewatch the news story.


This is Emilie, she is clearly the girl on the LEFT of the family photo, not the girl on the right, as the girl on the right is very clearly in the picture with the president and not dead.



Thank you.

So more shoddy journalism on the media's part, then. This does not surprise me.

But even the dad says she was

But even the dad says she was wearing her sister's dress.

Then the dad doesn't know his own daughters

Because the girl who's picture is in the news video is the girl on the left in the family picture. Bottom line. Please link to the dad saying that though, because I'd like to see it.

I've also looked at that

and instead of just buying what I was looking at... I went and got original photos myself and did the actual work.

The ears are an exact match. Can anyone post conclusive evidence that ears are not almost as good... if not as good... as fingerprints? That's why I put up this post which seeks to gather ANY evidence which actually supports the "official story." So far not one shred of such evidence has been provided.

Way to go guys...

Glad to see you're following this trail. Even if it leads to evidence that proves everything is legit.

My gut tells me different however.


We ARE dangerous!


All too weird.

All too weird.

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guys i know what you're saying because i saw the interview and it was really acted. i don't know the explanation for that. but the family is real. you can't invent a mormon family. it's too much of a community.


the family had been gone . . .

hadn't lived there for a year--

this is highly suspicious--

There wouldn't be an easier group of people to dupe; most of the Mormons in Utah thought Romney was good--

Trust me on this--

if you want to--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

deacon's picture

check this out


RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) - Just last year Connecticut shooting victim Emilie Parker was a kindergarten student at Maggie Cordova Elementary School in Rio rancho.
just how long did they live in utah?

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

that is very strange--


So many places to live for a child that young to be remembered and mourned--

That didn't sound right; let's try again--

Children under 6 don't remember places well and seldom people, beyond family members, well--

adults and older children will remember and mourn, of course--

the loss of children is always a heavy grief for adults and older children--

but children themselves won't remember having lived in so many places, so the 'classmates' are not mourning; they can't be, not that young--

this is obviously being instigated by adults, even if it's real--

if it's not real, then children are being exploited for nefarious purposes; what's new?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


the thing is they are LDS. they are part of a community that knows the family and knows each member. church leaders in utah have posted memories about her and talked about the family.

if they were going to fake a family- they couldn't make them mormon.

and yet they were gone for a year--

what did the father do for a living? Has the entire family been duped?

Very 'convenient' to have a funeral in a state all the way across the country--

this only increases my suspicions, because I know that Mormons are very trusting people--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--