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My Email to Rick Reilly (ESPN) Re: His Gun Control Editorial

Rick Reilly's new op-ed:

My email to him:

We must surrender our arms to our god, The State, saith the preacher, Rick Reilly. It's for the children! Mustn't attempt to operate brain cells beyond the first level of government-sanctioned thinking; such as that the rightful place of guns -- in the hands of citizens -- has nothing to do with hunting, or even mere home defense.

To claim to be an American is to vindicate the revolution. I presume you would claim American citizenship upon inquiry; might even embrace it enthusiastically. You most certainly would not repudiate it. Which makes your latest editorial ironic in the extreme. See, in case you missed it in public indoctrination -- er, school -- the revolution was not about hunting; it was about casting off tyrannical government. Yet, this would not have been possible without citizens who were armed with, yes, the weaponry to match that of the government which the revolution intended to cast off.

The founders highlighted just how critical was this right to bear arms; not just little arms, but arms, period.

To have an armed citizenry, without equivocation, was the final check; the means to fulfill the part of the preamble where the founders cite the right of the people to not only alter, but to ABOLISH government, when it becomes destructive to the liberty of the people. Abolish in this context does not mean vote, Rick.

If it were up to you and other gun-control advocates, before the revolution could ever have established the country to which you now belong, weapons would have been seized under the auspices of gun control for the safety of the citizenry. We'd still be a colony of Great Britain. Perhaps in your next missive about guns, you can explain how that would preferable. Hell, I'd almost agree, since the conditions today match those which were described as tyrannical then, anyway. But perhaps you can also peer into the future and assure us that, in spite of literally all of history indicating otherwise, the need for a citizenry to cast off oppressive government shall never arise again. Whatever else could be said about you, at least you'd be consistent. But there is no two ways about it: your position on guns, emotionally appealing as it is, requires that you repudiate the founders for daring to carry the weaponry of governments. Thus do your own words require that you repudiate your very citizenship and country today, since that country to which you belong had an illegitimate founding, as its citizens turned their weapons on The State who should have taken those weapons from them before that was possible.

Or maybe it's time for you to rethink guns, as well as government.

Use your brain, Rick. Don't blame inanimate objects, no matter how scary they may be to you. And more importantly, don't ever trust the most violent institution the world has ever known, with a monopoly on weapons.

Last, but not least: Most of these shootings involve perps on psychotropic drugs with extreme side effects, which rarely get the scrutiny the guns do. Why do you not instead question the lack of known long-term side effects for the drugs involved, and the fact that they continue to be prescribed to patients who already are mentally imbalanced? How about shedding some light on the nefarious relationship between the FDA, big pharma, and kickbacks doctors get on these aforementioned psychotropics? Etc.

IMHO, it would be much more worthwhile than playing the emotional cop-out gun-control argument.

Also, I usually like your writing. Cheers!

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anyone else see his

anyone else see his commentary or reply to him?