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The Fifty Success Habits

A lot of us, me included, continuously fail #7! We should probably work on that a little! I probably need to work on #23, #40, and #48 too.

#39 is sometimes impossible around here! Trolls! Be gone!

The Fifty Success Habits

Here are the habits of successful people….

1. They look for and find opportunities where others see nothing.

2. They find a lesson while others only see a problem.

3. They are solution focused.

4. They consciously and methodically create their own success, while others hope success will
find them.

5. They are fearful like everyone else, but they are not controlled or limited by fear.

6. They ask the right questions – the ones which put them in a productive, creative, positive mindset and emotional state.

7. They rarely complain (waste of energy). All complaining does is put the complainer in a negative and unproductive state.

8. They don’t blame (what’s the point?). They take complete responsibility for their actions and outcomes (or lack thereof).

9. While they are not necessarily more talented than the majority, they always find a way to maximise their potential. They get more out of themselves. They use what they have more effectively.

10. They are busy, productive and proactive. While most are laying on the couch, planning, over-thinking, sitting on their hands and generally going around in circles, they are out there getting the job done.

See the rest here: http://www.craigharper.com.au/productivity/the-fifty-success...


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Stephen Covey covers these with his mere 7 habits

7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Search it.

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Good book, I actually own it, but haven't finished reading! :/

This author says he reviewed all the self-help books, including 7 Habits and has summarized everything from all the books. I should probably finish it already! It's been sitting here forever!

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that would depend on what your goal is...

mine has been moving so fast these last 5 years it has been hard to keep up with.