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Boehner Fail: Is it any wonder since he spits on Constitutional Conservatives?

Perhaps we have enough Constitutional Conservatives to vote
him out next month.

Published: December 20, 2012

WASHINGTON — Speaker John A. Boehner’s effort to pass fallback legislation to avert a fiscal crisis in less than two weeks collapsed Thursday night in an embarrassing defeat after conservative Republicans refused to support legislation that would allow taxes to rise on the most affluent households in the country.

House Republican leaders abruptly canceled a vote on the bill after they failed to rally enough votes for passage in an emergency meeting about 8 p.m. Within minutes, dejected Republicans filed out of the basement meeting room and declared there would be no votes to avert the “fiscal cliff” until after Christmas. With his “Plan B” all but dead, the speaker was left with the choice to find a new Republican way forward or to try to get a broad deficit reduction deal with President Obama that could win passage with Republican and Democratic votes.

What he could not do was...

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Pelosi for Speaker. Seriously.

If we're looking at an undocumented Democrat for Speaker, anyway, we might as well have one with a pedigree!


Ezra Klein is questioning Boehner's survival as speaker:

Will Boehner’s speakership survive until Plan C?
By Ezra Klein , Updated: December 20, 2012

Has there been a House speaker in modern American history with less control over his members than John Boehner?

Over the past three days, Boehner has focused all attention on “Plan B”: an effort to strengthen his hand in negotiations with President Obama by passing backup legislation that would extend the Bush tax cuts for all income under $1 million.

Tonight, Boehner lost that vote. In a dramatic turn of events on the House floor, he...

ally himself with the

ally himself with the Democratic leadership to royally screw the American taxpayer. When Obama recently stated that America will have to do things differently in the future, he surely was referring to himself and his clones in Washington, DC and not Americans giving up their weapons. ;) The American people are FLAT tired of the crap (spendthrift, taxing, and controlling) steaming from the traitors in Washington, DC. Boehner needs to be replaced as Speaker of the House of Representatives. The District of Columbia is a sickening pile of manure and jackals.


I always said he is in the wrong political party. :)

If he wants to pass things and get elected from now on he will have to switch political parties like Mr. Specter.