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I hate democrats

As of right now AR-15 are impossible to buy. I cannot find a single one in any store in my town or online such as webs sites like guns america. I was planning on purchasing one with my income tax this coming year. So much for that! I saw people purchasing them for over $3000. I had to sell mine last year to catch up on my house. Who would've thunk that the very second Obama got re-elected he was gonna push for gun control. Even before he was actually official by all delegates. You snooze you loose. Very upset! :(

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Did you ever think that the stores are out of AR-15's because...

every gun-nut out there wants one, partly because they think that Obama is going to round them all up?? The gun manufacturers are in the business of making money. They have the guns, they just need to ship them out. Believe me, if you have the money in the near future, you will be able to buy your gun.