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Obama's Roadmap For Economic Destruction (Jeff Harding, 12/2/2012)

By Jeff Harding, The Daily Capitalist :

"This Bloomberg article [1] is like a roadmap for destroying an economy. France under François Hollande is the Progressive’s ideal state where the “rich” pay for the poor’s welfare benefits. One could say it is the same roadmap that Obama’s Progressive agenda is following. It is one that fails to understand how economies work. The result of excessive taxation and regulation is a stagnating economy and where ultimately everyone becomes poor or poorer. Someone has to pay for all the goodies that the state gives out, and as this article points out, those “someones” are bailing OUT OF France. [...]

[1] Rosenblum — who says he’s leaving France with his wife and two little children this month to open a new business in a country he won’t disclose — is among people fleeing a slew of levies announced by Hollande since the Socialist president was elected in May. The 75 percent millionaire tax was followed by new levies on capital gains, an increased tax on income and wealth, a boost to inheritance charges and an exit tax for entrepreneurs selling their companies. [...]

French citizens aren’t the only ones seeking to escape the country’s new tax regime. Steve Horton, who runs an eponymous tax service company in Paris to advise Americans in France, says the state has lost 7 million euros in receipts for next year from such taxpayers. First Sarkozy and now Hollande have taken tax decisions that create collateral damage, he said.

“France can hardly compete now with Moscow, New York and other capital cities for elite workers,” Horton said. “They are skilled, speak many languages and are mobile. They were sad to leave but they are gone now. France has killed the goose that laid golden eggs.”"

(emphasis mine)

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Meet THE LEECH who is destroying my former country :



[1] http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-12-02/france-sexy-no-more...

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"Taxing the rich" is political theater.

Taxing the rich is simply political theater to this administration. We all know there are not enough rich to pay for this sprawling government. The real goal of modern progressives is to continue the expansion of and operation of government with printed money; surreptitiously lowering the standard of living for everyone in order to fuel their beloved institution. The problem they face is that not even their own constituency believe this is a viable strategy.

“Wasting a vote is sometimes voting for somebody that you don't really believe in."
-Ron Paul