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Tell Congress: Vote NO on detaining American citizens without charge or trial!

From fellow Ron Paul Republican, Rep. Justin Amash (Mi):

The NDAA’s back—and it’s as bad as ever.

Later today, the House will take up the final version of this year’s NDAA. Once again, the NDAA does nothing to halt the indefinite detention of American citizens, arrested in the U.S., without charge or trial.

We have just a few hours to stop this unconstitutional bill, and I need your help.

I've started a petition that I’ll share with my colleagues tonight. It’s going to tell congressmen that Americans—their constituents—are standing up against indefinite detention and for our constitutionally protected rights. It’ll tell them that we’re watching how they vote.

Please sign this important petition at www.WithoutChargeOrTrial.com

Here’s what happened with this year’s NDAA.

I joined forces with the senior Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, Adam Smith. Together, we fought for the Smith-Amash amendment, which would have guaranteed that anyone arrested in the United States would receive what the Constitution requires: a charge and a trial.

Smith-Amash didn’t succeed in the House. My allies in the Senate, Mike Lee and Rand Paul, pushed another proposal that aimed to stop indefinite detention. Their amendment passed the Senate but was stripped out in the closed-door House-Senate conference.

The final version of the NDAA—the one that will be voted on tonight—includes the original, unconstitutional House language. You can read more about the House language in an article I wrote earlier this year.

That’s why it’s so important that we rush this petition to your Representatives.

Please help—I can’t do this without you. Will you sign the petition and forward this link to the website www.WithoutChargeOrTrial.com to five friends?

Thanks again for your steadfast support in our fight to uphold our constitutionally protected rights.

In liberty,

Justin Amash
Member of Congress

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