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Libertarians to Republicans: Get over yourselves

Here's yet another Republican who thinks Libertarian Party members and libertarian activists are, or ought to be, nothing more than Republican boot-lickers.

Aubrey D. Larson, writing in the Ravalli Republic (Hamilton, Montana) bemoans the fact that post-election analysis shows Libertarians caused Republicans to lose to Democrats in the 2012 elections.

He claims that Montana Republican Rick Hill was defeated by some 6,000 votes because his LP opponent captured some 18,000 votes and Republican Denny Rehberg lost by some 18,000 votes because his LP opponent took some 30,000 votes.


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Well Then...

...if they don't like the fact that they are losing due to Libertarian
candidates then adopt there views and maybe those voters will then vote for the Republicans.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



Break the system!!

In my opinion, the problem is not that everyone fails to fall in line behind the GOP (or Dems). The problem is that only two parties get to really participate in the process. One would think that, if we really are a free country, the stage would be big enough for Libertarians, Greens, Constitution Party, etc. to join Dems and Republicans in the public debates. What are Republicans and Democrats afraid of??

Classic nonsense. LP candidates are not spoilers.

No candidate "owns" votes before they are actually cast.

What arrogance!

The upside to such nonsense is this exposes the GOP as pathetic and scared.

They are scared that voters are going to wake up and realize that the GOP is nothing but a bait and switch tactic to keep power in the hands of socialists - on the right, instead of socialists on the left.

The political spectrum is not a line, but a diamond. The LP stands at the apex.

The Dems at the bottom left of Statism and the GOP at the bottom right of statism.

Socialism needs two legs to stand on, a left and a right.

Libertarians wish to cut out both legs so socialism can no longer stand.

I don't agree with this republican

I am a Republican and I don't blame Libertarians for Romney's loss. I fully believe TPTB in the GOP wanted Obama and why they fought us and moved to pirge us from the GOP.

Like Ron Paul I once was a Libertarian, 16 years of getting nowhere Party.. and then 17 years as an Indy fioghting for open ballots and debates,, and I still fight for open ballots and debates, within the GOP.

The only regret I have is not joining the GOP in 07.

reminds me of how record companies blamed napster

for their failing CD album sales

then apple made the ipod and laughed their way to the bank.