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Legislators created these victim-zones, can they be trusted to fix them?

It is compulsory education laws that have forced Connecticut's recent horrific scenario upon us. I know it might not seem that way on the surface, but step back a bit and look at this.

Parental rights obviously come from our Creator, for when has any government ever procreated a child? Evolutionary theory is the only order that tyrants can support, because their arrival at the top of the food chain is all the authority they believe that they need to cite. Their dictates are spoken and written into "law" as reason enough for us all to acquiesce our duty to God towards our children, and submit totally to their every whim.

Connecticut State legislators; and in part the voters who elected them; told all parents that they must meet their children's educational requirements on the government's terms. Tragically; the parents, children, teachers, and the staff of that school felt compelled, "by law", to place their lives and loved ones into this easily-targeted place without any defensive options. Not a single day went by without the possibility that such horrific events could have happened many times, even state-wide, since this state's legislators created these victims-only zones for the most innocent among us.

Isn't more amazing that this hasn't happened more often, if the sheer number of guns among non-government folks is to be falsely accused as the probable cause of this? Whatever the motive of this shooter's actions that day, one thing is certain; it was the acts of state legislators, the voters who supported them, and most tragically the families who falsely trusted them; that made it possible for him to have such an unprotected target-site that day.

Why should ANY similar acts of legislation, federal or state, be followed if it only continues to make this wretched outcome more likely; or at best, no better?

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Some compelling questions

On last Sunday, I raised a series of questions that got good ratings here on the DP, but no replies. I hope that by reposting the them here in this context, maybe I'll get a better chance to hear what you think.

Questioning others sincerely and succinctly often gets better responses from opponents than straight fact-to-theory discussions. If this line of questions works for you, then by all means use it:

Shouldn't we use this event to measure compulsory ed. laws?
Submitted by Promisekept on Sun, 12/16/2012 - 09:26. Permalink

What are we teaching ourselves and our children when we allow compulsory education statutory laws to usurp our God-given parental rights?

What do we tell our children about their intrinsic worth, when we turn them over to strangers, to be taught government-serving ideals, within a disarmed, pro-pharma, authoritarian structure that sees parental authority as a competitive threat?

How many adults among those killed wished in their final moments that they had personal access to an equalizing self-defense tool that might have ended this murderous assault sooner than the shooter's timing? How many of the children desperately wished someone trusted with their care had the means to defend them? How many parents had the means to defend their children, but were kept away; unable to intervene lest they be perceived as a threat by the "authorities"?

Ah, but mere miles away; secure within a heavily-guarded chamber; state legislators crafted the statutes that made these wretched outcomes more likely. We either call this what it is, or they will use the fearful confusion in the aftermath of this event to expand more of their statutory color-of-law against our rights.


What about the impact on the law enforcement folks?
Submitted by Promisekept on Mon, 12/17/2012 - 09:03. Permalink

How many armed law enforcement officers had to deal with the aftermath of horrible state legislation that forced the law-abiding teachers and staff to face this assault unarmed?

Would it be hard to believe that most, if not all of them would have given their weapon to anyone of these adults rather than find them victims of this wicked, but legally-prescribed, outcome?

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass