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Rand Paul Objects to Indefinite Detention on Senate Floor 12/21/12

Rand's speech during a debate on the conference report for NDAA fiscal year 2013:


Rand voted NO on the NDAA conference report.

Video of Levin, Graham and McCain speaking after Rand:


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Rand, speaking TRUTH to power. Love it. You can see the neocon-America-haters heads exploding as they hear Rand speak.

Yeah boy!

I like it, I love it.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

credit where credit is due

i'm personally not a rand paul enthusiast
but any liberty minded individual must
applaud his argument against this orwellian
policy that so many others mostly nod to, wearing the
smiley face of the state.



My thoughts...

After Katrina, the people of the Garden District watched as the military was coming down the street. I'm sure they thought to themselves, the military is here, they're going to protect us. They welcomed the military onto their property. Once on their property, the residents were advised the military was there to confiscate their firearms. Those who refused where placed in plastic handcuffs and were ordered to sit on their porches (for their neighbors to see).

What happens if this president signs and these senators go along with a declaration of martial law? The residents of the Garden District will remember the military was not there to protect them after Katrina, the military was there to confiscate their only means of protecting themselves. Will their properties have signs announcing "trespassers will be shot on sight?" Will there be armed residents to enforce the no trespass warning?

The insane resident in the White House and these insane senators are going to start another war, this time American citizens against their own government. People will die, and I get the uneasy feeling the president and these senators won't be unhappy. After all, the possibility then exists that the United States will no longer be a hypothetical battlefield, it will be a real battlefield.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-Benjamin Franklin

I recall

...that debates on this topic were held around 500 years ago in the civilized world at the time.


More pitting of people against people...

To simply accuse another and not have trial, how many people will accuse their neighbor rightfully or wrongfully just to get even. And without trial, evil wins. That is the ultimate agenda.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Might have known

Graham was in the midst of the criminals...

But more importantly, how in hell did it get passed by a Republican controlled House?!?!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Thank you Rand

Thank you Rand for everything you are putting up with. How you remain calm on that podium is beyond me. Im pretty sure Obama is in full support for this bill. This is that one event that ought to wake up the people. Conservatives need to join forces with liberals in protest of this bill. There is no left or right, only The corrupt and The honest.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Thank you Rand

Keep up the good fight!

Beware the Rand Paul Critics.

I noticed something recently on one of the posts about Rand Paul Standing for Liberty. Bloggers started jumping down him as if we were an absolute nothing. I looked to see that it came from a recent subscriber. Because Rand is the best thing the Liberty movement is currently offering for the Future President I can definitely see some hate baiting going to happen to get us divisible and conquerable. We need to join together or Die. NO Man is perfect. We need to get behind him. We have to watch out for the 'wolfs' in 'Ron Paul' clothing. Remember the differences between Jefferson and Adams and many of the early founders.. They were for Liberty and a small federal Government. Despite your difference with Rand Paul we need to keep supporting him.

Anyone else notice how slick

Anyone else notice how slick Carl Levin was during his speech? He made it seem like Rand was crazy and coming completely from left field with his analysis. Yet, in Levin's own words, he says that only every person inside the United States has a right to trial. He does not say "citizen" for a very specific reason. And he does not mention what could happen to citizens outside our country. Even if nobody is detained within our own borders, any US journalist or news reporter who is seeking the truth and associates with Al-Qaeda outside our borders is considered an "enemy" and can be detained.

Levin and Graham sound convincing in their rebuttals, but their motives appear to be much more sinister.

Also... watch out for how

Also... watch out for how Levin's twisting of words might be used to imply something else.

If someone who is in the US is detained... and then removed from the country for imprisonment, that person is no longer "inside the United States". That means -nobody- is exempt from indefinite detention, no matter where they were at the time they were initially detained.

Very good point.

Very good point.

How Can Anyone...

...suggest Rand Paul is "bought". If Rand Paul was "bought" why would he waste hours of his life going against the flow and fighting bills that the majority of the senators support?

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



Yeah he's

definitely not bought...he's politically logical and that apparently pisses people off.

Keep it up Rand.

Well done Rand.

Well done Rand.



just a few days ago he

just a few days ago he supported the NDAA, now he is against. No wonder his claim that him and flip flop romney has so much in common .. is now making sense. atleast it is an improvement, he should have thought about it the first time. i just cant trust rand, i would rather vote for Judge or ventura in 2016

BECAUSE, the NDAA Rand voted

BECAUSE, the NDAA Rand voted on was the amendment to make sure US citizens are protected by the 4th. McCain and company stripped the NDAA of that amendment in a committee. That's why Rand is opposing it.

Get with the program. A few

Get with the program. A few weeks ago Rand fought for an amendment to the bill which guaranteed the right to trial for american citizens and it passed. When the bill went to committee they took out the language that guaranteed our right to trial. That is why he is opposing it again. Why would you badmouth the only senator who is fighting for our right to trial?

Watch the video!

If you watched his speech, you'll know that he explained that they removed the indefinite detention without trial protection of US citizens language that caused him to support the current NDAA.
So now with that provision removed, he opposes it. All the more reason to trust Rand Paul.
Seriously, watch the video ... OP was kind enough to provide a link.

Rand's explained why he voted

for NDAA and why he now voted against the conference report. The indefinite detention clause was the main reason for both votes.

that's not strictly true

he was for it before they removed the amendment he mentions in his speech.

He's never voted for indefinite detention without trial afaik.

He really is a great speaker


ytc's picture

Rand's speech against NDAA indefinite detention of

American citizens (& legal residents) without trial by jury is VERY GOOD.

Even those who can't trust Rand on FP should credit him, when he is holding the ground for our legal civil LIBERTY. He is truly one of the BEST we have up there in Senate.