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Rep. Thomas Massie gives inside scoop of Plan B

Great insight into what happened yesterday and Massie proves he is not afraid of GOP leadership.

He calls Plan B a "turd sandwich"

Listen to 17:00 - 28:55 here:


h/t RPF

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Can Massie filibuster until

Can Massie filibuster until the fed gov goes over the fiscal cliff? Then we can get a bulldozer and push dirt over the cliff and make sure boehner and the fed gov are buried. Problem Solved and they drove off the cliff we are just helping bury them.

Let this Peasant Dream!

Ron Paul 2016

i still remember the pic of john boehner talking to massie's

daughter during the swear-in ceremony but couple weeks ago and he's already taking a firm stand against boehner.. i suspect massie might be the next ron paul.. he is even more hard talking than justin amash

I knew you guys were gonna be

I knew you guys were gonna be impressed by him. I supported him early on and got to know him a bit, our kids are even friends. He's the real deal! I'm so happy to have been a part of his campaign!

Turd sandwich? Sounds like

Turd sandwich? Sounds like something I would say! Well played sir

without the bread! he's a

without the bread! he's a hoot!

limiting high capacity mags is stupid

Besides, what is stopping a crazy from buying 5 x 10 round clips instead of 1 x 50 round clips.....having to reload more often will not stop crazy people.

who is first guy on the radio show?

That can't be Massie. Because that guy is arguing for gun control.

Rep. John Yarmuth

Democratic Congressman from Kentucky

nope that guys name is John

The host tears him a new one