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Psychiatrists Say Psych Meds 'Cause' Violence, Lanza Record Awaited


Psychiatrists Say Psych Meds Cause Violence, Lanza Record Awaited

Psychiatrists have come forward to assert that certain psychiatric medications, such as those known as SSRIs, are almost certainly the chemical cause of a large number of instances of random violence and suicide in which SSRIs have been present.

The research challenges the pharmaceutical industry's defense that the high correlation between random violence and the presence of these medications is due to the mental illness, not the drugs being prescribed for the illness. Other critics of the industry claim that drugs tend to be too aggressively marketed and over-prescribed.

The media has reported that the suspected shooter in the Sandy Hook multiple killings, Adam Lanza, was on some form of psychiatric medication, possibly related to a reported diagnosis of a form of autism. Authorities have yet to make a statement on what, if any, psychiatric medications Lanza was on, or had been on in the past. The SSRI with the brand name Prozac is sometimes prescribed for autism.... Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/339600

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has it ever been proved

that lanza was on any type of meds?
from the accounts i have read so far..
he was a ghost,meaning he did nothing anywhere for 3 yrs
and the uncle who said he was on meds,was not an uncle at all
but was seen acting as an uncle at aurora
have i missed the link?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

bump for - I NEVER thought I would say this

Fox news!

"Fox News , changing their ways? Mass killings and the SSRI Link"

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Of course

It could not be a morality problem. Everybody is behaving wonderfully since we have situational ethics, selective enforcement, bailouts, etc.

I think these drugs are part of the problem but there is more to it. Shrinks want to blame drugs because of their failures in counselling society. The Churches did and do a much better job for minimal cost without these super marked up drugs.

Psychiatrists should be ashamed of themselves and bringing stupid shows like Fraizer into the mainstream certainly did not help mainstream society. IE Psychiatrist is some kind of angel?

These people would medicate Mother Theresa if there was any money in it lol

Big Pharma would be nothing without psychiatrists along with flu shot pushers because flu/other vaccines do not have a long shelf life imo.


The ME is looking for genetic clues to motive

How screwed up is that? When I asked them to look into the meds, I got blown off.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

"Leave no stone unturned"

except that one.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I would have blown you off too. They already know what to do.

A toxicology test is also being conducted. This is standard.

A person went on a killing spree, not a drug.

They should do a genetic screening on him.

What a shill for big pharma

what do you get paid?

Release the Sandy Hook video.

What is that, the 5th time you have asked me that?

You know, contrary to the fantasy world alternative medicine advocates have created, the medical world is not divided between "wonderful, ethical holistic medicine practitioners who are selflessly bettering mankind" and "evil allopathic physicians who are trying to destroy health and make a profit."

Seriously. Some of you are in a freaking fantasy world.

You do realize the "THEY" in your statement

is the same they that are part of an organization(the CT State Police)that not too long ago - we had to have police agency(NY) from outside the state brought in to investigate the police!!!

Not exactly the fine upstanding citizens you think they arr - and they sure as hell aren't the "experts" you think they are.

I apologize for my statement

I apologize for my statement in supporting you. I take it back. Good luck being a Doctor because with your attitude, you won't have any patients.

"With enough of us, around the world, we’ll not just send a strong message opposing the privatization of knowledge — we’ll make it a thing of the past." ~ Aaron Swartz

I commented during the peak of the hysteria when I was irritated

It was a rude comment, but I don't apologize because I feel that certain people were being way out of line. This was the same day that people were editing videos to make the Pathologist look like a psycho.

Let's do a thought experiment here...

Let's say as a dentist I prescribe Valium or another short acting benzodiazepine for a patient with severe dental phobia. The patient requests the prescription ahead of time and it is understood that they will take the medication before a recall dental appointment. This is a common scenario.

Now let's say this patient goes berserk (we don't know whether on the influence of the Valium or not) and goes on a killing spree in the mall.

Is this my fault? Is it my fault the person went psychotic and committed a violent crime?

Now picture people like FishyCulture flooding the internet trying to prove that my prescription of Valium caused the patient to go on a killing rampage. She is calling the Pathologist demanding that I be investigated. She is basically demanding my head, despite knowing nothing besides sitting on her computer watching Youtube videos.

This is why I am irritated.

Get real Delysid

one dose of a Benzo will not cause this type of psychosis and you dam well know it.

The psychiatrists that are prescribing these cocktails know dam well the side effects they cause, and if they don't, which is more often the case, they should.

What I find really hysterical is when these TV adds about the side effects say if you experience any sudden changes in mood blah, blah blah contact your MD.

As someone who watched a love one flip on these drugs with absolutely no warning, and who did not even know what was happening to him, and to this day has no real memory of it, I can tell you, it was terrifying. In regards to contacting the shrink that prescribed them, guess what, they totally deny its the drugs that cause it.

So yes, these Doctors are totally responsible.

what an ignorant remark


Release the Sandy Hook video.

3 psychiatrists. Healy, Breggin, Kohls.

It's the same 3 psychiatrists in every article. There are thousands of psychiatrists who believe the correlation between violence and SSRIs is weak to nonexistent. For every study that suggests a possible correlation, there is another study that suggests the opposite.

SSRIs do not CAUSE violence. Millions of people are on SSRIs and they are not out doing killing sprees.

I was on Zoloft and my moral compass was completely unaffected.

This is more antipsychiatry fear-mongering.

So now we have it

Delysid defends them because he takes them.

Read the studies on these drugs. These side effects are well documented. They just use real fancy words to describe them. Thousands of people can take anti-biotics and not be affected yet there is no argument that they can cause deadly reactions in others.

There are NO studies that suggest these drugs don't cause these reactions because its documented by the drug companies that make them.

Now what's even scarier is when they start mixing the different classes of drugs that are contraindicated to be prescribed together yet these asshole Doctors do it all the time.

This is really gonna piss you off. The psychiatric field has absolutely no science to back up their bullshit medical claim that mental illness is caused buy chemical imbalances in the brain. It's a pseudo science and a scam.

The science is primitive on altering brain chemistry with drugs

... and not only is the real science poorly primitive and poorly understood -- much of the "science" that goes into the development, testing, and safety verification of these substances is biased and corrupt.

Millions of people are on them. Hundreds of millions of dollars passes hands in getting them "approved" (bribed for approval @ FDA rather) -- prescribed and purchased: very often at the taxpayers expense (Medicare and Medicade).


- They don't fully understand how they work

- They don't fully know IF they work

- They don't know fully how badly damaging they are

- If they find out they are damaging, either after or BEFORE they are approved for the public -- the conclusions are buried.

- The medical establishment is bribed and manipulated into prescribing these to as many people as possible ...

... regardless of any of what I just said.

Yeah. Moral compass.

Go on keep talking about your moral compass.

We didn't know the mechanism of Aspirin for 60 years

And we are still discovering things about it and it has been used for over hundred years.

If you think mainstream medicine is primitive, what the hell do you think about alternative medicine? Some "natural" medicines are being promoted and used and we DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT ACTIVE CHEMICALS ARE IN THEM, LET ALONE THE MECHANISM.

Anti-depressants work. This has been long established.

And my moral compass is solid. I have never harmed anyone in my life. I have been on psychotropic drugs you have never heard of and my respect for the rest of humanity and the rights of others was never affected.

But keep preaching. You practice fringe medicine, so that must mean you are more ethical than me.

You are the one defending big pharma meds, and (lol)....

.. fluoride in the water. Yes. I remember you.

You are studying to be a dentist. You post in these threads, battling courageously for modern medicine, taking up the charge against the ill informed and empirically impaired.

It's kind of funny really.

So. We (those that have a contrary point of view) obviously cannot possibly know what we're talking about. Because we're not 'trained by the system'.

You're right. Even though I personally have been harmed by big pharma drugs. My family has personally been harmed by big pharma drugs. My friends and aquaintainces have been hurt, even killed by big pharma drugs.

Even though they recently diagnosed me with an "incurable" disease - gave me no hope of ever curing it - put me on daily medication that they told me "we don't know how it works, it usually doesn't at all, and if it does happen to work - it will probably STOP working mysteriously at some point" ...

And the only way I am managing my illness is through personal research -- 'kooky' alternative diets -- 'wacky unproven' natural supplementation.

I've been taking 'unreliable, anecdotal' advice from people that actually have been living with it and managing it for years with NO help from your medical establishment.

Up until now, I *thought* it was working amazingly successful. Especially when I compare my condition against thousands or millions of other people who follow their 'plans', take their marvelous 'scientifically' proven chemicals ... and end up wasting away to nothing and eventually having their intestines ripped out of their bodies.

I though my voodoo methods were working. *sigh* Well ... I guess not.

You're right. Its probably all psychosomatic. All in my head, no doubt.

Thanks for straitening me out. Carry on ...

Defending fluoride in the water? NO.

Don't strawman me.

And if you read what I said, I was mocking you for assuming you had some moral superiority to me. I try to stick to SCIENCE, but you people always resort to a childish good versus evil, always making mainstream medicine evil, of course.

You even did it just now with the "fluoride in the water" quip. I actively oppose water fluoridation (as a soon to be dentist). But that conflicts with your good versus evil narrative, right?

Oh, sorry if I mis-remembered the thread

Where there were long posts and debates going on and you the only one coming down on the side of fluoridation in the water. My bad.

Let's disregard the fact that I am not a part of any group of "you people". I'm me. I make up my own mind.

I study the facts and use my reason. And my reason works well.

Modern medicine is so evil and f*cking corrupt at the highest levels, it makes me literally want to puke.

The fact that "you people" - the apologists - are out there apologizing for it, pisses me the f*ck off.

And that goes for the people apologizing for the corporate food, the corporate water, the corporate wars, and everything else these psychopathic corporate f*ckers have FUCKED up.

"Oh, its not so bad. You people are overstating the case. Modern medical science is miraculous wonderful, its highly advanced and compassionate, the drugs are wonders of modern technology. Relax"

How many millions of people need to suffer and die before "you people" get a f*cking clue


I don't think it's "anti-psychiatry"

There are millions of people who have been helped by psychiatry and psychiatric chemotherepy. There are also people who have not been helped despite trying and I don't find the post against that.

I am concerned about those people being labled and judged by a state that uses the lable as a way to remove a person's rights. That is the fear.

We already have Kendra's Law and Laura's Law that firces a person through a court system and "forces" them on medication (or sanctions their benefits for disability).. I see no reason the state should stop since they are not seeking the constitution as a guild line, but rather public safety.

add to this

that every NORMAL human emotion is now a "mental illness" and you have a recipe for taking guns away from all those "paranoid" people who feel safer owning a gun.

I'll support the gun ban if the military goes first. How about that?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

This is literally true



Psychiatry goes insane: Every human emotion now classified as a mental disorder in new psychiatric manual DSM-5

Thursday, December 13, 2012

by Mike Adams


How modern psychiatry really works

Here's how modern psychiatry really operates: A bunch of self-important, overpaid intellectuals who want to make more money invent a fabricated disease that I'll call "Hoogala Boogala Disorder" or HBD.

By a show of hands, they then vote into existence whatever "symptoms" they wish to associated with Hoogala Boogala Disorder. In this case, the symptoms might be spontaneous singing or wanting to pick your nose from time to time.

They then convince teachers, journalists and government regulators that Hoogala Boogala Disorder is real -- and more importantly that millions of children suffer from it! It wouldn't be compassionate not to offer all those children treatment, would it?

Thus begins the call for "treatment" for a completely fabricated disease. From there, it's a cinch to get Big Pharma to fabricate whatever scientific data they need in order to "prove" that speed, amphetamines, pharmaceutical crack or whatever poison they want to sell "reduces the risk of Hoogala Boogala Disorder."

Serious-sounding psychiatrists -- who are all laughing their asses off in the back room -- then "diagnose" children with Hoogala Boogala Disorder and "prescribe" the prescription drugs that claim to treat it. For this action, these psychiatrists -- who are, let's just admit it, dangerous child predators -- earn financial kickbacks from Big Pharma.

In order to maximize their kickbacks and Big Pharma freebies, groups of these psychiatrists get together every few years and invent more fictitious disorders, expanding their fictional tome called the DSM.
MORE http://www.naturalnews.com/038322_DSM-5_psychiatry_false_dia...

Release the Sandy Hook video.

This ones for you Sue

I know you're going to enjoy it. This is a term paper my granddaughter wrote. I was very well researched and informative.

The Use of Psychiatric Mediation On Teens and Toddlers
Where is the Science?

Controversy and questions are mounting over the increase of diagnosing children and toddlers with mental illnesses and the prescribing of off-label psychiatric drugs in these age groups. Is there any scientific proof that mental illnesses like bipolar disorder are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain? How are these mental illnesses diagnosed in children and toddlers? What are the risks of prescribing psychiatric drugs to children and toddlers without knowing the effects they will have on their developing brains and bodies? Has the field of psychiatry been corrupted by the influence of the pharmaceutical drug industry?

Many psychiatrists and psychologists are speaking out about the dangers of prescribing psycho tropic drugs to children. Dr. Peter Breggin has written several books in an attempt to raise public awareness. Some of his books are “Reclaiming Our Children (2000)”, “Talking Back To Ritalin (2001)”, “The Ritalin Fact Book (2002)” and “Medication Madness (2008)”. Dr. Breggin is a board certified practicing psychiatrist in Ithaca, N.Y. “In my practice of psychiatry, I am frequently consulted about children who are taking three, four, and sometimes five psychiatric drugs, including medications that are FDA-approved only for the treatment of psychotic adults.” (Breggin, ¶4). Dr. David B. Stein, Ph.D., a practicing clinical psychologist in Richmond Virginia, and professor of psychology at the University of Tennessee states “If physical growth is suppressed, so is brain size, head size, and overall size of the nervous system. Suppressing normal growth, especially during times in a child’s life when growth spurts occur, is nothing short of nuts!”(borntoexplore.org, Stein, pg3,¶3)

What medical tests are used to diagnosis children with these mental illnesses? Well, that’s a very important question. Psychiatrists use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, as a reference in diagnosing mental illnesses. The first manual was written in 1952. It only had about 60 different mental disorders listed in the first edition. The DSM-IV published in 1994 has listed more than 250 mental disorders. Who writes the DSM manual? The American Psychiatric Association writes the DSM. Unfortunately, little to no science goes into writing this book. According to Michael B. First M.D., a psychiatrist on the DSM-V research planning workgroup stated “A primary purpose of this group then, was to determine why progress has been so limited and to offer strategic insights that may lead to a more etiologically-based diagnostic system. The group ultimately concluded that, given the current state of technological limitations, the field is years, and possibly decades, away from having a fully explicated etiology and pathophysiology-based classification system for psychiatry.”(http://psychdisorders.org, First, pg2, ¶2)

So how are children and toddlers being diagnosed with mental illnesses? Although the DSM-IV manual lists a criteria for an adult with bi-polar disorder there isn’t one for young children or toddlers. I did come across articles about bi-polar in young children but none had a definitive criteria, just examples of types of behavior. I found this description on the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundations website. It states “ Diagnosis is made using the DSM-IV criteria, for which there is no lower age limit. However, it becomes more difficult to apply the DSM-IV criteria to very young children.” This article goes on to say “Symptoms of bipolar disorder can emerge as early as infancy. Mothers often report that children later diagnosed with the disorder were extremely difficult to settle and slept erratically. They seemed extraordinarily clingy, and from a very young age often had uncontrollable, seizure-like tantrums or rages out of proportion to any event. The word "no" often triggered these rages. I’m no psychiatrist but these behaviors sure sound a lot like my two baby cousins. My Grandmother calls it the Terrible Twos. I decided to do a search on the symptoms of the Terrible Twos and this is what I found in an article written by Dr. Vincent Iannelli. Dr. Iannelli says the Terrible Twos can start anytime from age one on. He uses terms like moods swings and temper tantrums that include hitting and biting. The most important thing he says is that these behaviors are part of normal development. So it seems that the behaviors of toddlers is described by one doctor as normal are being diagnosed as a mental illness by psychiatrists. ( Iannelli, pg1, ¶3)

So who would want to diagnose a normal stage of a toddler’s development as a mental illness? According to this article in The San Francisco Chronicle written by Dr. Lawrence Diller, M.D. titled “Are Our Leading Pediatricians Drug Industry Shills?” Dr. Diller writes that Dr. Joseph Biderman is one of the most influential doctors in the US when it comes to diagnosing children with Bi-polar disorder. Dr. Diller writes “Biederman and his team are more responsible than anyone for a child bipolar epidemic sweeping America (and no other country) that has 2-year-olds on three or four psychiatric drugs. The science of children's psychiatric medications is so primitive and Biderman's influence so great that when he merely mentions a drug during a presentation, tens of thousands of children within a year or two will end up taking that drug, or combination of drugs. This happens in the absence of a drug trial of any kind - instead, the decision is based upon word of mouth among the 7,000 child psychiatrists in America. That's why Iowa Senator Charles Grassley's recent revelation that Biderman did not declare $1.6 million in drug company consulting fees is so important, scary and tragic. If true, this scandal is yet one more stake in the heart of American academic medicine's credibility with frontline doctors.” (http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/07/12/...)

Considering the fact that these drugs have never been approved by the FDA for children or teens, the use of these drugs in children and teens for psychiatric problems appears to be nothing more than an experiment. Since the psychiatric diagnoses themselves appear have no science to back them up, they are nothing more than theories. If the most influential psychiatrists are being paid by the pharmaceutical companies that make the drugs, it stands to reason that their motives are in question. After researching for this paper, I’ve come out with more questions than answers. I do know one thing, though. If I were a parent of a toddler or teen, I would need a lot more credible science to even consider putting my child on any of these drugs. It seems today that science just doesn’t exist.

I don't know the answer, but you can bet that the

drug industry pays for studies that show their products to be safe, just like the tobacco industry for years paid "scientists" to do studies that showed no correlation between cigarettes and disease.

Just a few days ago I paid attention to the add on TV for one of these anti-depression drugs and in the warning they stated that one of the side effects of the drug was suicidal thoughts and actions. I think it is so clever how they manage to cover their butts with these warnings by burying somewhere in a long list of seemingly innocuous side effects the really dangerous ones, and then use language that disguises the really dangerous ones. "Suicidal thoughts and actions." Why don't they just say, "This drug might cause you to commit suicide." And if there is a danger it might make you violent against yourself, couldn't it also make you violent against others?

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

SSRIs affect people differently.

Why do you think a Dr. switches phyche meds on patients? To see which one works best. These medications have more bad side effects on teens and young adults...especially males. Everyone's brain receptors are different.

Lauren you're not wrong.

But Sue4BillofRights and Fishyculture are not approaching this from a rational,scientific perspective. ie "Something happened. Let's try to figure out how and why it happened."

They are approaching this from an anti-science perspective. "Mainstream medicine is evil. Drugs were the cause of this. We just need to find the evidence to prove that drugs caused it. Let's convince everyone that drugs caused it and that everyone disagreeing with us is a liar and part of a conspiracy."

you are a trouble maker

some of us subscribe to the DP to keep it open and free for all to join.
I will be glad when your PlayStation gets fixed so you will go away.

Ha! It's funny how the anti-drug people think that.

You anti-psychiatric drug people are just variations of the drug warriors. You want to blame drugs for human behaviors, and the only way to do that is to attack medicine.

Cocaine was demonized as causing "blacks to rape white woman." The anti-drug people blitzed the public with propaganda, much like FishyCulture and the rest of the antipsychiatry people, and the problems were not solved. We still have rape, which was not caused by cocaine, and we still have cocaine, obviously. People actually thought that cocaine caused rape, and thanks to CCHR and other Scientology interest people think that SSRIs cause murder. Unbelievable.

And I'M THE TROUBLE MAKER? Give me a fucking break. I'm a increasingly rare voice of reason in the insane asylum.

You need to listen to us.

You need to listen to us. More and more people are leaning towards rejecting drugs and using good nutrition and healthy habits to cure their ills. My dentist knows my stance concerning dentistry and medicine and he accomodates my wishes. He looks at the patient in a holistic manner and even suggested I do certain exercises for pain instead of using meds!

He happens to be very successful because he has to correct all the mistakes of the other dentists and he makes a killing replacing mercury fillings.

I took up for you but you took that praise and became very belligerant towards everyone. I don't like seeing you go after people who have first hand experience dealing with the tragedies and pain that allopathic medicine has caused some of us. You have no idea what some of us have experienced.

You need to listen to all sides of an argument and realize not every answer is found in your medical books. As a Doctor you need to respect all people!

"With enough of us, around the world, we’ll not just send a strong message opposing the privatization of knowledge — we’ll make it a thing of the past." ~ Aaron Swartz