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Why Does The Use Of Religion To Support A Social Gospel And Preemptive Wars Go Unchallenged?

{Editor’s Note: This is the 28th installment of a series of articles attempting to address the 32 questions posed by Ron Paul in his recent farewell speech given in front of Congress. Check out the previous installment, “Why Don’t More Individuals Try to Influence Through Intellectual Conversation Rather Than Force?”}

We do not discuss religion or spirituality very much, or at all, on this website. This article is going to break from that trend, but we are doing this for good reason. Firstly, if you read the note from the editor above, we are answering the 32 questions posed by Ron Paul during his farewell speech to congress. Secondly, this is an opportunity to expose some misconceptions regarding religion and politics.

Religion can be a very divisive topic, which often causes a strong reaction in favor or against religion or spirituality. The mission statement of this website is to advance the ideals of liberty, and promote a society where people can practice the religion of their choice. This is essential to advancing the cause of liberty. The ideals of liberty bring people together from all walks of life and beliefs systems. As long as you are not harming another individual or destroying their property libertarians should not discriminate – it does not matter if you are Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Antagonistic, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or if you worship a hybrid Santa Easter Bunny Clause – all faiths are welcome in a free society. Personally, I am a believer in Christianity.

Most people believe that the founders of the United States outlined separation of church and state in the Bill of Rights in order to protect government from being influenced by the church. In contrast, the opposite is a more accurate reason why the founders desired separation of church and state. They wanted to protect the church from being co-opted by the government and exploited to advance the agenda of the state.

Today religious beliefs are intertwined with politics and used to justify preemptive wars, marriage laws, drug laws, and many other assaults on liberty. Many of the religions of today do not approve of gay marriage and getting high on drugs or alcohol. Although, these same religions do not teach or advocate seeking assistance from the state and lobbying the state to exert force to influence the actions of others. Why are so many Christians easily tricked into voting for a candidate simply because of their claim to end gay marriage, get tough on the war on drugs, or go after terrorists?

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The Federal Reserve hires or bribes all the preachers?

Whose hands is your old church in?

Free includes debt-free!

Very good points.

Here is a quote from Leo Tolstoy about the Roman emperor Constantine in the 4th Century AD, when Christianity first became co-opted by the state for its own purposes:

"No-one said to (Constantine): 'the Kings exercise authority among the nations, but among you it shall not be so. Do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not lay up riches, judge not, condemn not, resist not him that is evil.' But they said to him - 'you wish to be called a Christian and to continue to be a chieftain and a robber, and kill, burn, fight, lust, execute and live in luxury. That can all be arranged.' And they arranged a Christianity for him, and arranged it very smoothly. Better even than could have been expected. They foresaw that reading the gospels it might occur to him that all this is demanded. And not the building of temples and worshipping in them. This they foresaw and they carefully devised such a Christianity for him as would allow him to continue to live his old heathen life unembarrassed."

Great explanation of it here at 53min mark:

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

It has been challenged

I've read lots of great articles that challenge the mindset of many "Christians" regarding pre-emptive war on quite a few different websites. Primarily, regarding the obvious hypocrisy of being both "pro-life" and pro pre-emptive war. It just doesn't get any play on the MSM, so a large segment of the population has never heard alternative perspectives on this issue. Another problem is that clergy tends to act as "patriotism" pimps who try and justify unnecessary wars and unfortunately, many people think that what their church leaders preach is always "God's word." Most of the Christians I know are also republicans, and many of them obviously put blind faith in their political party above the teachings of Christ. Maybe those of us who belong to a Christian faith should start speaking to our pastors, priests, reverends, etc. about this issue and let them know how strongly we feel about it and our disappointment in the general attitude of Christians toward war.

Thanks for reading

I've read a few articles challenging Christians to base their votes in their beliefs. The problem is the message is falling of deaf ears. Most Christians I associate with are Republicans and they get their news from fox news. Where we really have a chance to affect people is with the younger generation.

If you associate with

If you associate with Catholics you could make a very strong point of the Pope and the Church opposing the Iraq war and the Cuban embargo. Most likely you would get a b--s response because in reality a vast majority of Christians and people in general are not committed to the principles they profess.

Excellent point

About government co-oping religion


Christ/Christianity cannot be more clear on its non-violence principles. It is the attitude and hypocrisy of those who want to accomplish something and use any excuse, tergiverse words, lie, cheat, kill, etc. As people here always remind me, it is the individuals who choose to be evil/hypocrite.

I will give the example of the Catholic doctrine because I am more familiar with it. The last Pope made it very clear that the Iraq war would be immoral. He also spoke against the blockade in Cuba. Many so called Catholics could not care less.

I applaud those who point out the hypocrisy of many so-called Christians. However, there are others who just hate anything and religion becomes their target. Again, it is the individual who can either be an honest critic or just a fearmonger.

However on the topic of marriage and abortion Christianity is also very clear. And here again you have the same behavior. So called Christians justifying destructive behavior and on and on. I think your post is a bit deceptive. You are bundling non-violence with gay marriage. Same thing as with media. Bundling gay-marriage with civil rights. These are independent topics. Be honest please. Use the truth.


With all the gun control debate going on now, it strikes me that those most inclined to rail against religion claim to their own illogical religion of gun control (and government overall)
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