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Mayan prophecy fulfilled after all? Check it out.

I found this story:

and took them up on their invitation to check their work. Here is the link to what I found:

Now, the Mayans predicted "three days of darkness" and this phenomenon lasted three days.
Those people did not watch TV, they watched the heavens. I wonder if they knew about whatever it is that caused those 3 days of darkness? And I wonder if NASA knows, and if they know why they are not talking? Maybe it is nothing, I am not a regular observer, but even I can see that a large area starts light, gets dark and then light again.
At any rate, we seem to have survived it. Although the day is not over.... ;)
Good night, all. I expect to see you all in the morning.
Happy New Baktun.

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"beforeitsnews.com" is all


is all that I needed to see to skip over this

This is not meant to be negative. I think that there truly is...

something very important going on here. I would like to add this one point to this discussion regarding the Mayan Calendar. Back in the late seventies, I remember people believing that the end of the Mayan Calendar would be a significant type of event... but back then, '78 or '79, people were at that time, thinking that that Calendar ended on December 24th 1984. So back then they supposedly "knew" that it ended on 12/24/1984. Then people "knew" that it ended on 12/12/2012. I don't know if there is really anyone around today that really knows for sure exactly what that calendar says. And lets not forget that our Calendar has changed and been messed with at least once. Didn't we go from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar? And I've heard all my life that those two Calendars are anywhere from four to seven years off from one another, but I cannot recall if we are supposedly four to seven years early or four to seven years late! And I'd bet that the calendars that we've been using have changed more than just that once that I am aware of. So at this point I really don't know what to think.

Larry in North Carolina
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The three days

of darkness prophesied by the Mayans refers to the winter solstice 12/21 in which the sun has reached the lowest altitude above the horizon. This represents the shortest days/longest nights of the year in the northern hemisphere, hence 3 days of darkness.

interesting find, however one must remember the Mayans were amazingly precise in their calendar.

His name is Edward Snowden

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3MIN News

The gentleman who does the 3MIN News videos on youtube, channel Suspicious0bservers (https://www.youtube.com/user/Suspicious0bservers)
is pretty knowledgable of these things. Perhaps a few of us can send this link over to him, for a second opinion?

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Good idea.

That is my "daily news" these days - I have learned so much from him, 3 minutes at a time...

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Downloaded the Pictures

and watched them like a movie.
The camera seems to drift a bit, catching more or less of the corona. It looks like it got too much too suddenly, and overloaded the pixels.
It makes a fascinating movie.

Just open the box and see


cool images from NASA's HI1 behind Stereo telescope.

see for youreslf-

1. Click link: http://stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/images
2. enter start date: 20121217
3. enter end date: 20121222
4. select telescope: HI1
5. select resolution: 512x512
6. select display: slideshow
7. click search button

Any explanation yet as to what we actually just saw with this telescope yet?

thank you for at least looking!

Seriously, a celestial "WTF?" is right there and no one here is even curious, besides you and me?

Yesterday there was a huge bright spot. That makes sense when viewing the solar corona (which is where the telescope is focusing.) Some type of so9lar flare would make a bright spot. But WTF makes a DARK spot in the CORONA?

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not sure what could cause it,

not sure what could cause it, was hoping someone around here who is knowledgeable on the stereo telescopes would check it out. Visited a few stereohunter chat groups and nobody seems to be talking about it. So maybe it is something normal, like mercury passing in front of one of the telescopes.

The Three Days of Darkness is

The Three Days of Darkness is a prophecy from Catholic mystics, not Mayans. And it will kill the majority of humanity, so I highly doubt it has been fulfilled.

Very close

The three days of darkness is referring to the longer nights of winter more specifically the Winter solstice which in the north is the longest nights of the year.

moving along, nothing to see here.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Actually part of many prophecies, including Mayan


And no one said anything about killing humanity, I wondered if they were aware of whatever it was that caused this.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I have been urging people to watch this video for days.


There is a LOT of science in this video and a LOT of science behind December 21, 2012 and what is happening at the INTERSTELLAR level. The video is amusing as well as entertaining.