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I'm 17 and I want to inform people in my school. Thoughts?

So Iv'e decided that i would like to inform people on some controversial issues. I was thinking i would start in my history class since were approaching a chapter about 9/11 and the war on terrorism. Maybe just ask question on how come the U.S didn't find any WMD in Iraq and the hundreds of thousands of inocent lives that died because of it.Then i'll talk about how the same thing that happened in Iraq is happening to Iran(story wise). Have any of you done this in school? If so i would like some tips

I also got the idea to hand out flyers to people about whats inside flu vaccines.

I just got very motivated from what Robert Wanek has been doing a true patriot at work informing the masses.

Have any of you done this in school? If so i would like some tips

The Video below is the one by Robert Wanek that motivated to go out and start speaking out


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Start an after-school club?

Get a sympathetic teacher as a sponsor for a weekly, or even monthly after-school discussion group on *real* or even controversial history and how it affects current events.

Could tie in well with good educational development of debate skills, too.

If your school does anything with respect to independent study for credit, that could tie in nicely, too, perhaps.

All the best!

What would the Founders do?


Thx for the tip

In my experiences, the Fed is always the eye opener

War is up next, and then everything else just falls into place, as they're all intertwined.
Everybody uses FRNs and feels cheated by it to some extent, especially with the economy the way it is, so it's a very broad reaching topic. Mostly everybody knows war is bad, so you can then show them how the FED allows careless and endless war. It might even be effective to define things for them that they've heard about but haven't been completely exposed to, like the FED, the bailout, QE, Austrian vs Keynesian economics...

If I were you I'd make flyers

First, BIG BUMP for being 17 and wanting to be a part of change!

Unless your teacher is open minded, I wouldn't really try to push against the system when you're in it. Not directly anyway. You don't want to immediately get singled out as a "resister" and trouble-maker. I would make a flyer for every topic you want to spread the word about. Keep it to one topic per flyer or groupings of topics of a similar theme. Find a way to distribute them throughout the school, let's say one topic every Friday so that kids go home and look this stuff up over the weekend. Provide search terms and websites for people to check out. Consider not letting anyone know it's you doing it. Save that for a graduation speech! ;)

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Make your points, but then

Make your points, but then listen to your political adversaries and grow from their responses.

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i came to the dp to find out about histroy

because i haven't figured out to use google?

setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon

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You and I both know

google brings up all sorts of crazy propaganda, especially when it comes to history.

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and this place is better how?

how did you find this site?
i don't trust you

setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon

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I doubt it is better

but it is at least another angle on history. Might as well get as many points of view as possible, no?

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uh huh

how are you going to get a different angle here?
does this site offer a different point of of view?
how so?

setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon

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This thread

Offered him information on Tom Woods, the petro dollar, and dates of what I am considering are important events in the Middle East. So, now he can combine that with other research he has done for this assignment. I definitely would not recommend only getting information here, but it does not hurt to ask either.

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and yet i was talking to the poster

and so far i didn't get it

setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon

Watch this video it

Talks about the history of the dollar and the reason for the united states being in wars over seas.


If you want to talk about the Middle East, start with 1953...

and go from there.


Iran - 1953
Iran - 1979
Iraq (rise of Hussein) - 1979
Soviet war in Afghanistan (US influences with the Mujaheddin) - 1979-1989
Iraq vs Iran (US financed) - 1980's
Persian Gulf War - 1990-1991
Sanctions against Iraq - 1990's
US Bases in Saudi Arabia - pre- and post-9/11
Current Middle Eastern tensions - present

You should be able to put a pretty good presentation together with a little work.

Paint the picture. That's all you need to do.

dwalters is right.

...and history is a good place to start. My daughters regularly "disrupt" their history classes with "extra" information.


in my opinion you open yourself up to being shut down before you even get started, by speaking up in class.
I would seek out friends who understand as much as you and build concensus with in your group and just keep adding members until you can all speak the same message but in different ways to different people.
remember. only a few are going to get what your saying. the rest who dont understand will throw questions at you that are impossible to answer. they do this because they dont understand and only know what the media tells them.
do not expect a big fan base when you decide to open up.
when people are confused, their ears close.
it is ur job to find others who think like you but tell the story differently. then collectively you reach the masses.

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I have olny 3 friends that think the same as me but thier not in my class. Iv'e observed my class and thier are a very few amount of people who i think will listen and be intrigued on what i have to say. The other amount of people don't give a **** about history.

Have the information you need with you.

Read the text book they issued you ahead of schedule and use the internet to gather associated information on the topics discussed. If you know the material, it's very easy to ask your teacher questions that she will likely not know the answer to, opening the door for you to elaborate. Introduce the information to the class and the teacher as if you are simply curious and it will be much better received than if you simply start reciting information like a know it all. Present all the material you have researched in the form of questions. That gets people thinking. It's all about questions. Remember, we learn from asking the right questions. we can coax others to learn the same way. Good luck.

Break the ice...

Question why people refer to this nation as a democracy when it is in fact a Republic. Be prepared to know and explain the difference. Explain that we Pledge Allegiance... To The Republic [NOT democracy], For Which It Stands.

Question why it is called 'federal reserve' when it is in fact corporate bankers. If they have an inkling, expand on it and then go on to Austrian economics.

The video was great, this guy is on top of things..thanks for the link :-)

Josie The Outlaw http://www.josietheoutlaw.com/

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Well lets see... i started in

Well lets see... i started in college challenging my economics teacher about if the dollar was going to collapse... luckily he was more conservative and went along with me of course he is educated by our state on economics and eventually hit a dead end about how inflation is not bad. but i will telll you from challenging college courses you not going to find any allies or friends. State what you know and nothing else, hope that the drones in class catch something. I argued with my history teacher WW2 helped the economy.... clearly it did not with rationing etc.... stick to your guns because they will not give an inch... dont you give an inch

start with American history.

Point out things they were not taught about and ask them why?
our founders struggled with the concept of central banking for instance. money is an important subject to everyone. why were they not taught what it is? and it's history?


I'll talk about the Petro Dollar then, considering that was the largest financial con in recorded history and the real reason the United states went into Occupy Iraq. Thank you

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Hey you know who Tom Woods is

Hey you know who Tom Woods is right? That book he wrote "The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History" would be a great place for you to start with your class. Woods talks about quite a bit of that book on his YouTube channel also. Good luck, I hope your teacher has an open mind :)

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first define what a 'Dollar" is.

or what a petro dollar is will make no sense.
I lived through the oil embargo in the early 70's... but it was not until Ron Paul came along that I was able to understand the connection to what Nixon did.....
I understand that todays dollar has no definition.
do you know what it was prior to 1964?

I am not trying to be rude or cryptic, I am trying to help.