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New Day Dawning

Ever skeptical about the whole 2012 end of the whole Mayan calender end of the world or new age ascension hype I had a sort of spiritual experience if you will so thought I would share for those interested...

Yesterday the 20th the wind was blowing up to 40 MPH at times with cloud cover (been there for weeks) and biting cold and just miserable out making one wonder if the end of the world was nigh . Today the wind was still going in the morning but lightened up a bit. I went out of town for the day about 2 hours away, got to my destination and the wind had died quite a bit but I thought it was just the new location. Came home and got in about five a clock and about the last 30 miles as I was was entering near and into town the Sun was shining bright on the horizon a few hours before it goes down and the clouds had cleared
quite a bit and no wind. A beautiful post card picture...

Then I got what you might call a down load that this symbolized a new day dawning. The wind blowing earlier symbolized the clearing out the old and the Sun shinning after weeks of no sun symbolized the new day new day/age dawning...

So something did happen on the 21st and for the good! ;-) Maybe it is just me and my own hopes but still it sent that familiar tingling up my spine when I have had the rare spiritual experience... It might not be an over night thing like some might hope for but a new day is dawning I can feel it for the first time however we have to do our part. So here's hoping we all might try a little harder to do our part to make this world what we'd like it to be a free and peaceful place to live and learn. Happy new day/age friends!

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The, "Dawning of a New Day,"

The, "Dawning of a New Day," is something straight out of a communists little red book.

"A New Dawn," is basically Red Dawn if taken literally.

Call it a spiritual experience, but perhaps it's your own awakening?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Wow friend... It "is" my

Wow friend... It "is" my spiritual experience and it has nothing to do with communism! if you see that it is a reflection of where you are at... To each his own... ;-)

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Get Prepared!

The New Day is upon us!

In 1971, while attending the Jerusalem Conference on Biblical Prophecy, I had a profound experience. I was a newbie in the spirit-filled, enlightened realm and quite young. As I sat in the large auditorium, I was able to look out the window and saw the sun starting to slip beyond the horizon. I was shocked to hear this 'new voice" speaking to me these words. "The sun is setting on the Day of Man." I didn't understand for many years, but I feel strongly that the "Day of Man" is over and we are well into the "Day of the Lord". The voice of the Lord has come to me many times since then, and the words are always profound and prove to be true. A time of healing and restoration is upon us. We must now look to our Creator, for our redemption draweth nigh. Miracles will become common-place. It is a blessed day in which we live. Everyone needs to be encouraged that the Kingdom of God is upon us.

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

42 years plus and counting in

42 years plus and counting in the desert.

Do you ever get tired of waiting?

As if things are f'd up enough already...what's it going to take for, "The Man," to come around again?

We've been waiting for over 2,000 years.

What's it going to take for the return of Christ?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.