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Kokesh: Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty legacy won't include foreign policy

AVTM #164 Humanity gets rational - Aubrey de Grey, James Corbett, & Kingsley Edwards.


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What laws have Libertarians accomplished?

I left the LP because we were getting nowhere. I was a member from 76 - 93 and the arguments I see here from self proclaimed Libertarians is the same ones I was screaming about nearly 40 years ago.

I became an Indy and worked with Nader, like Many Libertarians because Nader ran for open debates and ballots, and we needed that in the LP. And I was really getting angry how the LP kep nominating Republicans. WTF is that?

I did not want to join the GOP. I joined the GOP because it was clear to me from 07/08, if I wanted to work with the campaign, and I did, that was what I had to do. I was correct. Now I'm GOP, and what's so interesting are the new GOPers. When Ron Paul was touring CA giving speaches, some Libertarians seemed to wake up because suddendly they became Republicans and began comming to our meetings, and right now, we are ruling my committee, and from what I'm being told, this is happening in many places.

The LP here is dead. The GOP has RP GOP on board and now voting NO to the Neocon agenda and installing out own. I LOVE going to my meetings. I get off on it.. I know I'm crushing the GOP from the inside and restructuring it.. and I LOVE it.. it beats sign waves.. I'm hitting the GOP where it counts for me.. MSM can say and do what it wants.. Adam can continue to spew BS to the weakest, most frieghtened, cowards and haters among us, and it's not going to stop thiose of us who stepped up to the plate and are now swinging.

Enjoy Adam, but know.. he's FOS and we will beat him and his enemies (for him) since he chose a route where he's a rock star (DMT YouTube smoking idiot), not a political hero.


don't we have enough of them already?

We have too many

and why we have to wite resolutions, inniatives, bills and acts to END those that are not constitutional/protecting our bill of rights.

or we could just

follow the constitution.

yes, and the sky could fall

but in the meantime we have to restore the constitution to the republic, by writing resolutions, inniatives, acts and bills.

How do you imagaine "we could just follow the constitution"? Maybe you are forgetting who and what we are up against in our fight?

you might try telling that to ron paul

who has answered that question exactly the same as i did over and over,
and in regards to occupying foreign countries, his answer is similar: 'we just marched in and we can just march out."

But we can't, "just march out", and I'd be happy to tell RP that

I wish we could, "just march out", it sounds so great, like telling a drunk, you just stop drinking.. or an addict, "you just stop using". Sounds great! What a simple solution, and I think for some individuals, it works.. they go cold turkey and it works,, and perhaps there are places the US military is occupying that we could "just march out"? But there are some places the US military occupies that we do not have that option because we have established ourselves and sustaining populations, local populations, and those would have to be "controlled" demolitions, that will include massive environmental mitigation for clean ups.

first of all does the drunk want to stop? :-)

yes we were given the same excuses for not being able to march out of iraq until
they finally presented an eviction notice (of course the US is still very much still there).

When the bar is being guarded by backwater

enabling the drunk to drink and get paid for it.. why would the drunk want to stop?

i think we're getting off track here ...

your idea that a drunk can't just stop i believe is false. i will be glad to discuss it, but first i'd like to see some evidence to support your case.

Some can, and some can't

some drunks can go cold turkey and others need support systems like AA or meds.

some believe

they need support groups or medications. they mostly believe that because they're told it over and over again: "you're powerless" etc etc.
they weren't born with a bottle in their mouth.

He said it in '08

before the election. That was the "secret strategy" so I don't know if video exists. That was the point of the PCP effort. Right after the election, like the next day, he said "Politics is a distraction" too.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

i recall an interview

where he talked about what advice to give when people ask him what they should do. he told them to do what they thought best to spread the message of liberty and freedom, free market principles and peace, and to know your subject.

Any Person Who Calls...

...things related to Liberty issues bluntly as he sees them and the result of which is to get your establishment-supporting republican-feathers ruffled, is doing yeoman's work, as I see it.

Then enjoy

I was having fun making my post

I Think Not...

Even a cursory reading of your "Lies" post, indicates otherwise, but revise and claim different if it works best for you as a defense mechanism.

It really doesn't matter to the observation I made.

Read into what you want

Adam is FOS, RP was all about the GOP, te campaign is all about the GOP, C4L is all about educating Republicans about the GOP and the politics, and why "Freedom is Popular", "Hope for America", Restore The Republic", RepubliCANs. and rEVOLution was always about the GOP.

The LM was created by, for, and of those who liked some of RP's message and didn't like the GOP. And what do any of you have? Adam? complaining, blaming, sign waving.

GO RAND 2016!


Adam is not a bad guy. He may be off base at times, but he is Liberty, and acts accordingly. I do believe, however, that Adam needs to step back and absorb what has been happening, and see where Ron Paul takes this the coming year. Furthermore, I believe that all of us, you and I included, must do the same.

Winning an election for the wrong reason(s) serves no purpose. Representative can not be held accountable without voting constituents holding them accountable. This is where message is imperative.

Granger, your seat, and others, are critical. We must take the party. But it is equally important to reach out to everybody, regular voters, regardless of party, for they are ones who can eventually make the needed noise. Sign waves included, if/when necessary.

Merry Christmas :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

When I see Adam

I see a very desperate man who right now is pissed even more at the rEVOLution for stepping back from "his babay" the anti-war scene where Adam invisions himself a leader.

What we are witnessing is the frustration of grassroots.. they are symbiotic to a real campaign.. YouTube makes a better soap box and that's Adam's forte. ((((PAF)))


"Well, it's not my party. I don't like politics at all and I think both parties are Keynesian economists and both parties support the positions that I don't like. So the party in many ways is irrelevant."
-Ron Paul

Did you see the RNC tribute to RP?

RP remains a RepubliCAN. Why?

i saw it

and i found it WEAK. the GOP accused him of being too liberal, and the left accused him of being too conservative. libertarians generally find that it's the system itself that's wrong, and that includes both parties. ron paul has been saying this forever.

The GOP accused him of being too liberal

You're going to have to educate me on the GOP thinking RP is too liberal. I don't think the GOP liked how Ron Paul attracted liberals/ anti-war types.. but they never said RP was himself too liberal.

As a former Libertarian, I don't miss the LP, and neither do the former libertarians that are with me on the GOP central committee.

yup, big time

surely you've heard him being accused of being left of obama on foreign policy?
here's 2 links i found in2 seconds,


Those are the opportunities we seek to educate the Republicans who read CSM and RS about RP's foreign policy being nothing more than a quote lifted from Thomas Jefferson, and how conservative values oppose war, and why we oppose liberal views that are willing to employ war to have conservatives see things their way. Just add money.


Dr. Paul was/is a member of that corrupt GOP organization. In addition he was and is not infallible, as evidenced by his advancement of that corrupt party.

I expect that his advancement of the GOP largely revolved around his own need to survive within the beast by some compromise of his principles to some extent to endorse globalist-collectivists for inner-party leadership positions, etc. I also expect that since he was beholden to the GOP to some extent and since the plans for Lil' Rand were not hatched overnight, nor thought about in a vacuum, he continued(s) to advocate sticking with the party, previously for both of them, now for the legacy and future of Lil' Rand.

Self-preservation and a father's love and all that jazz, but since I am not drinking any kool-aid, I see it as I see it.

Whatever the reasons for his hitching himself to the diseased-wagon that is the GOP, he did not change it. It changed, steadily and for the worse, despite his best efforts.

For some of us, this was never about a man (Dr. Paul). Rather, it has always been about the drive to restore the Republic, wrest power from the state and to advance liberty. Dr. Paul was merely a shining example and a good messenger.

Yes, yes, I know that this is the 'Daily Paul' and that many revere the good doctor as if he were divine and they will adhere to every word he said and every action he took as if it were the bible itself; referring back to what 'Dr. Paul said', or what 'Dr. Paul would do' and on and on ad nauseum.

To me, that is frighteningly cult-like. Now I see a smaller segment of 'the movement' deifying Lil' Rand because his name is 'Paul' and holding tight to him along with the 'bible of Ron' as if that were the 'one-true way to enlightenment'.

Kinda sad, very pathetic and utterly telling.

You go on and hold tight to that diseased, corrupt piece of globalist-collectivist filth that the GOP-wing of the party is.

For me, I was in this long before I ever heard of Dr. Paul and God-willing, I will be in the fray for a good many years to come.

None of 'my' efforts will be via the GOP, however. The GOP is utterly a part of the Globalist-Collectivist Party and establishment and they will not continence being taken over.Other methods and other avenues must be found and used.

Those avenues and methods will rest with individuals and with any organization that hold to what I see as being necessary.

Long-winded to be sure, but not for you, rather, it is for any who may read this and who may decide to take a step back and actually assess.

That is all.

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

You were in this long before You heard of Ron Paul

And what did you accomplish?

My and my Libertarian buddies who joined the GOP are on the committee now and hold a majority sometimes.. It's a damn good fight, and we are winning.

Why pick the diseased GOP, because it's a sham, MSM has most people (and that included me who has never owned a TV, does not listen to the radio, or buy a major paper.. I read Internet news.. and like you, I was awake ling before I heard the name Ron Paul.. all I ever got was multible law suits in multiple states.. now we are getting somewhere.. it seems to upset the likes of Adam and you more than the Neocons.

Whatever Works for You...

Knock yourself out.

The establishment will NEVER give up power and devolve control back to a constitutional system where people are sovereign, the states reserve the ability, power and duty to address issues as their citizens see fit and where the federal government is limited to securing the rights of the individual and exercising only the powers and duties delegated to them them in Article 1, Section 8.

You too will someday come to realize this, but by then, bad things are likely to have taken hold and that will control where we go from here.

Merry Christmas.

I am the establishment

the neocons are all getting sick or too old and dying. RP RepubliCANS are going to outlive the Neocons.