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Kokesh: Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty legacy won't include foreign policy

AVTM #164 Humanity gets rational - Aubrey de Grey, James Corbett, & Kingsley Edwards.


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"the neocons are all getting sick or too old and dying. RP RepubliCANS are going to outlive the Neocons."

I do not mean for this to sound callous, but this is our Republic's only hope. That is what this year holds.

I hate when you capitalize CANS. It reminds me of obama's yes we can. So, 'CAN' I forget being Liberty and 'order' you not to do it anymore?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

in 07/08

RP campaign in 07/08 was: "Hope For America

Obama took that too.. and the RP campaign came up with CANs.. so I'm sticking with it.


What you wrote is among the most negative things that I have seen written. It is unfortunate that you may be right. But the fighter in me wants to tell you that you are flat out wrong.

To cover all bases, what alternatives do you lean toward, aside from leaving this sh|t-hole? I am relatively new to this and don't plan to leave, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Which comment are you referencing?

I made a number of them on this thread.

Are you referring to the assessment I made about the establishment, in this case the GOP tentacle of it, never giving up power to the people?

If so, understand that I have no give-up in me, I merely have reached certain inescapable conclusions based on study, observation and assessment.

I opt to take a path of zero tolerance, of no compromise, of relentless attempts at awakening people via brutal bottom-line assessments and of opposing at every turn anyone or anything that impedes that message.

I advocate each person doing what they see fit as an individual. However, I will call efforts that either enable collectivism or that impede liberty, as I see them, regardless of the slings and arrows that often accompany that.

Bottom-line, when all is said and done, I believe we are all going to inevitably be faced with a terrible reality, one that will require terrible decisions and may yield horrific results. So, I advocate preparation of body, spirit, mind and equipment, all the while each of us continuing in our own way our individual efforts to avert what I believe to be inevitable.

Not a really clear answer, but considering the circumstances and the format, it'll have to do.

Take care and have a Merry Christmas.

Lt496, it was the entire preceding posts.

However, this post says it clearly.

Unfortunatley, these are the same conclusions that I have come to. I hoped that you would have had another field of view.

I hope that we are both wrong, and that Granger is right. The path of least resistance is always preferable, but then, that would require opposition doing what is truly right. If it is not the up and coming generation...

Merry Christmas to you my friend.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I participated in a good

I participated in a good thread concerning the content of the C4L meeting in Florida on the Ron Paul Forums. The thread has some info concerning, what is currently happening, that there is the political way and the inform to be aware way of working in the LM.

If it is true that the C4L and Rand campaign is not going to have foreign policy upfront, then so be it. If also true, it was revealed that Tate stated they know that they will lose core RP folks from 2007/08. The campaign's goal is to convert standard issue Repub's, due to the low-profile foreign policy talk, and have them do the political side grunt work, replacing that core. So be it.

Those in the LM that do not go the political path will move forward to continue to spread the Liberty message that has been resurrected by Ron Paul.

The Rand campaign will have a hybrid workforce composed of RP supporters and status quo Republicans. And the complete Liberty message, in its original full force, will continue to be spread to the masses via Ron Paul bookings and grassroots events.

It does seem though that the vibe and passion of the LM will be more with the spreaders of the Liberty message than with the campaigns effort to win the next election.

Like Dr. Paul once stated - a revolution needs young people and music. And this is not going to happen with the campaign. It is going to take the ingenuity of the LM grassroots to pursue that avenue.

Folks really need to STUDY Rand

Rand is no fool. He understands that politically you're going to have to deal with the devil. Rand sees the big picture.. he knows that laws are compsed of respilutions, innatives, bills and acts, so there are many ways to "skin a cat".. Rand is the kind of guy who will vote for "security", but vote against funding it.

The campaign is absolutely going to have young people and music and festivals, and it's going to be done IN THE GOP.

Here's my GOP float idea.. see I'm going to ask to be chair of the youth commottee, and then I get funds for the parade.. so this year we are going to have our float, hand out "monopoly money" with a message to End the Fed, we are going to have Anti-drone drills, and the float will be themed to end violence by enforcing the second amendment. We're going to shock and awe the public as those of us who took committee seats, get to work showing the public OUR GOP.

It's going to be alot of fun and I look forward to it. Not as much as I look forward to voting NO on unconstitutional resolutions for our county or helping get Rand the nomination for president.

For the people that do not

For the people that do not want to have anything to do with the gop, I am not just going to let them leave. There are too many of them.

If anybody else feels they can inspire, motivate, and train these people to get into the party, please let me know when they can arrive and convince people to go that way. I have not been able to do it, so there needs to be someone better.

You, from what I've read

YOU need a grassroots effort to break into your GOP. Definately you have a nasty fight on your hands, and this is where I like to think that the committee work those of us inside can help, after all, the Neocons certainly helped each other, eh?

I think that those who are prejudiced and bigoted against the GOP are under the influence of MSM and including the net/youtube, because the GOP is like the Wizard, as in the Wizard of Oz.. where because of MSM and folks like Adam who does more to protect the GOP as it is than, actually get in and change it, I believe I have to let people leave, because this is a huge learning curve.. committees? Roberts Rules of Order? Government layout, who's who doing what? Resolutions? Inniatives? Bills? Acts? Houses, Boards, Chairs, Seats, Committees, Councils, platforms, state laws.. it's an amazing amount to learn, and many people don't mind learning, but they really don't want to get involved beyond sign waving. And that's OK.

It's going to be a few, and they will have to be resilliant, and creative, and do things/proove to the local people, their GOP is representing them.

I intend to write at least 4 letters to my editor this year as a GOP committee member. My first will be informing people that I am now occupying an elected seat and I will be educating my community as to my stand in the GOP, that does not abuse the GOP platform, but employs the loop holes to make my points, wich will reflect C4L's but in tune with my area.. which is unlike yours, for My GOP was a facade until the Libertarians and Indy's joined for Ron Paul and became a majority.

It's FUN, I LOVE it!!! I wish everyone had it so good as I do now. I sat on the committee for a year alone, and LEARNED about the committee, who's who, by-laws.. and I fought for my appointed seat and won, but I was not up against the "wall" you are, and many here may not be up against the wall.. do they even DARE to see the truth?

They claim they want TRUTH.. RIGHT ON!! Now why don't they go to a meetings and see and tell? Let's find out who has walls like you and help tear down the walls, and let's see who has committees like mine and make the rEVOLution a local reality.

Everyone has a choice, and whatever they choose, it's where they are at this time/space in life, for whatever reason.. I'm here to encourage people to SEE THE TRUTH.. GO TO A GOP meeting.. it might wake some folks up,, and ultimately isn't this what we want to win?


What is wrong with you? What specifically did Adam Lie about?

And Ron Paul's message is liberty not blind obedience to Ron Paul. His strategy (different from his message) to take over the GOP seemed like a good idea the time however now that it has failed miserably and divided the liberty movement by compromising away its principles for concessions from neocons it needs to be abandoned for a better strategy.

If Adam is a loser tell us what has the GOP takeover strategy accomplished? Nothing! In fact it did worse this time then in 2008.

The only losers here are those that continue to blindly follow one man and a failed strategy who can't think for themselves and are too lazy to get off the couch and put in the hard work in a real strategy of building their own organization instead of trying to co-opt corruption and building their foundations on sand.

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

What's wring with me? I joined the GOP

The Liberty movement is anti-GOP. The Liberty Movement is not serious about changing politics, just profitting off the politicall passionate and nieve.

Ron Paul's message is a huge learning curve, and that's why he founded campaign for Liberty, because people don't know, Roberts Rules of Order, or how their government/ parties/lobbiests, PACS, astroturf, grassroots operates, the differences, the laws. It would be great if we could get blind obedience based on just learning the truth of what the government is and how it works.. but we don't have that.. instead, we have many that want to end government, and some who actually want a NWO, and others who don't care about RP's message, but definately want to profit off it. And as a capitalist, I have no problem with people profitting off the message, but to say that Ron Paul was not GOP from the beginning... he was. I was there. I refused to join the GOP and the campaign refused to work with me.. I joined the GOP and the campaign has not stopped witking with me. What's up with that?

GOP takeiover stratigy has accomplished much in my area, where we have more meetings that they do, and we have become a force that they can not beat because there are more of us here.. but that is not the case across CA, so I feel very blessed.. and I have abundant hope for the GOP locally because we are able to do things.. I will be seated on the County Board as well, and there are other areas. that if it was not for my being an established Republican, I would have no chance to get a seat.. so we are making in roads, where folks like me,, all my years as a Libertarian and Indy.. never had this opportunity, and it's awesome. Rand is going to do very well. I'm so very pleased to see him get MSM attention.

The losers refuse to get the message and make it work, would rather sign wave as if anyone who could do something gave a damn about sign waves. I'll be sure to honk for yah. You be sure to watch for our resolutions, inniatives, and future GOP candidates.

Yeah lets beat the GOP by

Yeah lets beat the GOP by compromising away our principles and becoming it so we can go to endless meetings and play democracy in our republic and not offend anyone etc... Sigh!

Yea I did what you have done and we even have a majority in our central committee but guess what it hasn't accomplished a damn thing because all the committeemen are to busy compromising and trying not to upset the neocons so that they have accomplished nothing. Sounds like you have accomplsihed about the same; nothing!

I don't care how many goddamned meetings you have or what committees and boards you are on! Tell us WHAT HAVE YOU ACCOMPLISHED SPECIFICALLY and how does it help liberty nationally???

Adam is dead on here! Leaving out foreign policy is a huge chunk out of the liberty movement armor. What next sound money? Since most neocons think our financial meltdown in progress was caused by the myth of people buying homes they could not afford and has nothing to do with the whole banking scam... Sigh! Wouldn't want to offend them on that either so we can get on their committees and boards now would we... Amazing!

I guess some will not get it till they are living under a bridge or in a fema camp and then most will still not get it...

The democons have beat you all again by getting you to play their game keeping you distracted and while you spin your wheels and slap yourselves on the back for all the meetings you attend and boards and committees you sit on they continue to advance their agenda at break neck speed while you accomplish jackshit!...

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

You have a problem with compromising?

Politics is staying IN the game. To stay in the nastiest, dirtiest game on earth, politcs, is to compromise.

As an appointed committee memeber I halped my county not allow Laura's Law (forced medication on people charged with being mentally ill as if that were a crime).

My elected seat begins in January, and I will continue to move my County to Liberty, voting NO on unconstitutional agenda's, writing letters to that editor, that they will publish about Ending the Fed, local self government, banning drones.. Before you kniow it, it will be election time and we will be campaigning for Rand. We alread have our guy. Who do you have?

Adam is spewing in the wind. He sees himself as an anti-war leader. Well.. go for it Adam. Instead, he bashes the Paul's C4L, RP RepubliCANs, because we have a huge line up of issues and anti-war foreign policy is just one, and right now,, that is taking a back seat to NDAA and Ending the Fed,

It seems to be Adam is pissed because if Rand/ C4l were making foreign policy a top issue.. where would that leave Adam? Exactly where he is, nowhere; crying in the wind.

I expect this take over to take 20 years I think by 2028 our influence and work will be evident. The good news for you and Adam.. you have all those years to beat us your way. You don't like our way in the GOP? OK. Do it your way.. we are also watching and not impressed.

RP Republican, like a flood.

"we have many that want to end government, and some who actually want a NWO, and others who don't care about RP's message, but definitely want to profit off it."

That's key, intent, and making money isn't the only way to profit off of Ron Paul. When a persons motive is to destroy, "influencing people" becomes the political capital they want. (they need a mob) Adam Kokesh and many other Anarchists ARE attempting to profit off Ron Paul, but money has nothing to do with it.

Some aren't ready to understand the difference between Ron Paul and those who just want to "end Government". The Anarchists who fit that description are counting on Ron Paul Republicans to stand down if they just ridicule us, bullying people, thinking we can't defend the concept of government. After all, we're just statists and sheep right?

What they're doing is akin to trying to "profit" off the Mayan calendar; trying to peddle influence while people are in a state of panic, to use it, and weaponize hysteria for political gain.

This can't happen.

This can't happen.

Ventura 2012

Thank you Michael Nystrom for the vid embed

Merry Christmas to you and your wife.


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Thank you Tom

for all of your contributions. Merry Christmas to you too, and stay strong and safe.

Best wishes,

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