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Senate to vote on FISA reauthorization 12/27

Senate will debate and vote on reauthorizing FISA for another five years on Thursday, December 27. The bill is HR 5949.

FISA allows the government to warrantless wiretap Americans as long as foreigners are the target of their investigation. If the govt is wiretapping a foreign target and the target happens to be communicating with a US citizen, then the American is under surveillance without a warrant.

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has been a leading advocate against FISA and in response to Wyden's questions, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence actually admitted on paper that they have violated the Fourth Amendment on at least one occasion (see second bullet point here). Wyden also asked the NSA how many times Americans have been spied upon under FISA and the NSA couldn't answer him because it would take too much resources to get an exact count.

All indications are that FISA will be reauthorized but PLEASE spread the word. Senate will debate the bill and you can expect a fierce argument against it by Rand.

Here's a good article detailing FISA:

Here's Ron Paul's statement when the House passed FISA in September:

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FISA vote

on Thursday