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Race riots or gun confiscation ahead Interviews tonight

In case anyone is interested, the Matt Bracken interviews (one from 12/08, the other from last week) will be playing again tonight at 5pm central/6pm eastern.

Listen live links are here: http://cbrons.com/listen-live/

If you don't know who MB is, he is the author of the Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy (http://www.enemiesforeignanddomestic.com/), who has written a lot of very popular articles on preparedness, what sort of sociopolitical upheaval is ahead for the USA should there be a sovereign debt crisis or even gun confiscation. He's also a retired Navy Seal who served in Beirut.

These interviews are very recent and were big hits at the time they aired (one last week on the day of the Newtown, CT massacre and the other 2 weeks ago on potential racial/socioeconomic rioting should the government stop funding welfare EBT cards given a debt crisis).

It's definitely worth a listen.

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