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Another strange interview with Sandy Hook parent.

This is one of my first posts, and in honesty, I'm not sure if there's really much here, but I wanted to post this video of yet another parent displaying what could be construed as strange behavior during an interview.


This video above shows Neil Heslin, father of Jesse Allen who was alleged to have been slain, as he is being interviewed by Piers Morgan of CNN. During the interview, Mr. Heslin continuously looks down below the camera. It looks like his eyes pan from left to right several times as if he is reading from a cue card or a teleprompter or something. Also, after a few of the questions asked of him, Mr. Heslin looks down and scans his eyes left to right but acts confused and says he's at a loss for words. Could it be that the cue cards or whatever he's reading from is not up to pace with the interview? Near the 50 second mark, Heslin is asked a question and subsequently says "I'm at a loss for words" but when Piers Morgan begins to help him out, Mr. Heslin scans left to right again as if he's searching for the right words and begins lipping something as if he's reading.

At the 3:30 mark, Mr. Heslin begins telling a story about his son and is clearly, to me at least, reading from something as his eyes scan from left to right more obviously than during any other parts of the interview.

Also, like most of the other interviews, there are virtually no tears shed. Maybe none are shed.

I don't know what to make of it. After seeing the Robbie Parker video and some of the other videos of parents from Sandy Hook, I'm just seeing things that don't appear to be normal behavior. Could be wrong, and Mr. Heslin's looking down constantly could be a nuance, but I just wanted others to look at this objectively and decide for themselves.


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Check out this interview.


I started out just listening to it and it sounded like the guy was reciting rather than talking. Then I looked at it and he looks like he doesn't believe what he's saying. At the end he almost cracks a grin and turns away. Very weird.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.


I want to say that the title is misleading because strange is subjective. in the opinion of the poster, the video is strange. But the video itself is not strange literally. Strange is a subjective observation. Whats strange to you is normal to others.

But its good to listen to these interviews to understand what exactly is going on with these families.

Gotcha. I found it strange,

Gotcha. I found it strange, you're right, but like you said, that's just my opinion. If I could, I'd put strange in quotations as my goal is not to manipulate anyone.

Here is my goal with this video: To display another video of a parent who may or may not be displaying odd behavior (i.e. he may be reading from cue cards or something else as he keeps looking down under the camera and scanning his eyes from left to right) days after his son was allegedly shot by lone gunman Adam Lanza.

Again, my goal is not to manipulate anyone. I just felt this needed to be looked at.

What's up with the eye?

Why does the picture of the little boy rotate and flash, and why is there a close up of ONE eye beside his photo?

The father looked like he is in shock to me, unlike Robbie Parker. Robbie Parker spoke less than 24 hours after learning his child was dead. He was laughing and his eyes were NOT swollen nor was his face blotchy. Not only was he laughing on camera, there was not sign that he had been crying at all.

I DO think kids died at Sandy Hook, I am just not sure how many. I am sure that if this was an Illuminati hit, they would be fine with some "collateral damage" to help prop up the story.

Thanks for posting. We need to scrutinize this event, and the more eyes on it the better. To those who want to lambast the OP for asking questions, you are the living proof that people CAN go back to sheep.

THE CAR FROM WHICH WE ALL CAN WATCH A GUN BEING TAKEN FROM THE TRUNK WAS REGISTERED TO CHRIS RODIA NOT NANCY LANZA. That has never even been mentioned by the media or police. That is a really big red flag that the official story is BUNK. Once one realizes they are being fed bunk, it is time to dig in and ask hard questions. Or, if you can't do it, time to go back to sheep.
"Lanza" (Rodia's) car being towed.

Now, I have to take someone else's word for it as I cannot find the owner, but people who say they DID search it found it belonged to Chris Rodia. If you can debunk this, have at it. If not, why have none of us heard of Chris Rodia?

More problems: How did they know so much so fast? Within minutes, we knew the shooter, his brother, his GIRLFRIEND (but I thought he was a loner with no friends?) and that she was missing... We knew the mother was dead and a TEACHER (wrong) who died IN THE SCHOOL (wrong.) Also, she died in a upper crusty neighborhood from 4 gunshot wounds - yet not one neighbor heard shots?

If you honestly have NO questions about this, all I can say to you is "Bahhhhh" - at least you might get your brain around that.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


In all the stress and commotion and anxiety the parent agrees to an interview but then quickly realizes it is a circus for ratings and has to converse with this pretentious noob.


garbage post

people really need to stop with the conspiracy crap....an out in the open slaying like this would be difficult to manufacture completely. who is at fault and why is another story, but lets get real here. This person is very sincere and I have no doubt in my mind that he lost his son. The op and this kind of crap makes the dailypaulers look very insane, and that is probably by design in hopes of attributing this nonsense to the majority. I hope the other ones vote this garbage down.

Wait, wait, so we who are

Wait, wait, so we who are trying to ask difficult questions regarding the behavior of parents after the event are just projecting conspiracy crap? Yet, and this is what you said, you believe that the questions we are raising are "probably by design in hopes of attributing this nonsense to the majority." That right there actually sounds like quite the conspiracy theory to me.

And I only asked this question to the Daily Paul, no one else, so I'm not attributing anything to "the majority", or whatever that even means.

I have good reason to question the "official" story as do we all. In my opinion, it is not wise to pick and choose which "official" stories to question or not question.

What's up with the flashes

when they show his kid's picture?

Did anyone notice his mild motor tics?

After watching this video I have no reason to feel it's more than it appears to be or is staged in any way.

I don't think anyone has pointed this out but if you watch closely he does express throughout the clip some mild motor tics (e.g. head and shoulder jerk in unison, sometimes with mild mouth contortion), suggesting there may be some neurological disorder going on that can explain this appearing a bit strange. It would also account for his lips moving as mentioned.

I'm not an expert in this area but that is what I gathered from this.

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what i found odd

Was he didn't know if any of his sons
classmates survived

I have yet to see a single

I have yet to see a single tear during this entire incident...from Obama to the Mormon witht he satanic symbol kids and their mother. Not a single tear.

Where is the satanic symbol?

Where is the satanic symbol?

"First rule of Government Spending: Why build one when you can have 2 at twice the price?"
-S.R. Hadden

With all due respect to everyone involved and hurt in CT,

when I see I known hoaxer, Piers Morgan, doing an interview, I can't get the thought out of my head that he was canned at the BBC after putting soldiers lives in danger over a hoax and he was unrepentant.
With that in mind, to me, this man appears to be reading from a cue card. To me, that says "scripted".
If you aren't going to let people speak from their hearts, then why interview them? It's pretty obvious that the intent of this entire bit is to pull on viewers' heart strings.
I have zero faith in Morgan. He removes credibility from the entire segment.

Robbie Parker is just straight weird. He's not defensible.

I have to add, of other parents, it's very likely that they're "out of tears." Your tear ducts only produce so much.

I have lost family members before, and after a day or two, the tears are gone, even though I'm crying.

Something to consider and remember.

And again, Robbie Parker is just straight weird. So soon after the shootings, laughing and smiling away, then forcing himself into "character mode."


More weird (if that's possible,) most broadcasts/uploaded vids don't show his pre-speech laughing and smiling. They only show his "acting."

His laughing and smiling is INDEFENSIBLE.


Parker interview

reminded me of Chevy Chase scenes. That was the first thing that came to mind.


Okay, I just watched the interview.

I thought a few of his reply mannerisms (eyes, shrugs, looks) were kind of strange, but for the most part I found nothing overly suspicious about his looking down below the camera.

Most people - unless highly trained, such as spies - naturally look down when recollecting memories, and look up when making things up.

There were a few moments when he seemed somewhat awkward, and I couldn't really detect any sorrow in his voice, but for the most part I think he seemed fairly natural.

Body Language

Looking down will tend to mean lying. Looking up will tend to mean thinking, or searching for a response.

I agree with you.

I agree that a lot of the parents may have just been out of tears. I don't know what it's like to lose a child like this.

Still, like you said, Robbie Parker and, in my opinion, some of the other parents just set off alarms. Those alarms may not be justified, but simply refraining from asking difficult questions and depending on arbitrary, "official", government reports seems even more ludicrous, to me. Ordinary people must investigate and rule out every possible angle instead of depending solely on the word of "experts" or officials wearing government uniforms.

You can't just rule out government as a suspect just because government produced another suspect for you to believe in.

Interesting take. However

Interesting take. However more interesting is the manually placed digital warping on his face which takes place every so often. There are two types of videos like this. One where the videos depicts peculiar happenings focusing on the eyes . The other APPEARING very fake and digital focusing on facial anomolies. Insight tells me that it was intentionally placed there to inspire bantering about shape-shifters , and whether they are real or not, and if he is one. This would be wonderful ammunition and background noise to distract people with, at the same time to make paranoid people even more paranoid. I say this because I've seen video channels on youtube where it seems a user uploads videos of certain politicians and others having the faces warped intermittently(including Ron Paul) while questioning the species of said person. To me it feels like a psychological false flag. But why do it?

UPDATE...: looked at video again and he does have weird looking eyes at times(mainly his right eye)(he even winks it at 0:36!, but I think it was pieced together this way to confuse the two ideas of which i just spoke.

You'll understand If you spend time researching vids like this. . Alot of which will just waste your time, Unless you are really good at youtube research.
On other videos like this the criteria to look for is that the person blinks alot to cover up whats happening with the eyes. On the video it seems to be exaggerated to draw you to look at how weird he is acting thus causing debate.

COMPARE WITH- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eaaubr3nnHI- Reacting to himself and looking uncomfortable about it.

Offensive in the extreme

This guy just lost his son and you are picking him apart like he's a liar.

Is NOTHING sacred to you?!!

Are you Sure

How do you know for sure he lost his son? How do you know if he really HAD a son? Personally, I would like to talk to the people that actually live there one on one and see what's real and what's BS. Not buying the "official" story anymore than I buy 9/11 or the Aurora crap. Or the "Liberty" crap or the "Tonkin" crap or, well you get the idea.


People shouldn't be ridiculed

People shouldn't be ridiculed for asking questions... we are trying to get to the bottom of what is happening. Your statement assumes that this guy really lost a son, not everyone is convinced of that right now. If he in fact has, I am sure that everyone is sorry for the matter.

Correct. Ridicule is a likely

Correct. Ridicule is a likely sign of someone involved in a cover-up. Do you remember Beck's ridicule of Medina for an innocent response to one of Beck's leading questions about 9/11? The OP was polite enough in posting a personal observation. Cops do EXACTLY the same and it's often difficult asking personal questions during a period of grief, but those personal questions and observations MUST be asked and stated. PERIOD.

jrd3820's picture

It appears

that we have behavioral analysis experts here. I have been shocked these past few days to learn how many people here are experts in how someone should act after such an event.


posing a question about it. Sorry I don't have my certificate of behavior analysis around to display to you guys. Should I only speak my mind of matters that I am officially considered an expert in? That idea would limit most of us, would it not?

I'm not saying I'm right. I'm not saying his acting sad isn't justified regarding what supposedly just happened to him. I'm merely pointing out that it looks like he's reading something and that certain conversation material brought up by the host seems to contradict earlier reports.

I really hope I'm wrong. Sorry if I've offended anyone. Some questions are difficult to ask.

"Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."
-George Orwell

Can't find the other interview that helps explain

this one. I watched a bunch of videos yesterday, and read a bunch of interviews. In one of them, a cop says that the condition of Jesse Lewis' body was consistent with him running toward the gunman, not hiding or running away. It sounds like that's what Piers Morgan was referring to, and Jesse's father's response seems to support that that's what they were talking about.

I googled "Jesse Lewis running toward gunman" but I can't find the link. I think it was a write-up, not a video. Maybe the Newtown Bee? I was reading that yesterday.

As far as how his dad was behaving on camera, it didn't seem unusual to me.

jrd3820's picture

sorry, I over reacted a little bit

It is just becoming confusing to me that we are all (not just you) so interested in how these parents are acting. It seems shocking to me that that is what is concerning people the most.

I agree there are some hard questions that should be asked, and there are a lot of inconsistencies in the story. Absolutely. I think it is hard to say that how this person is or is not acting is one of them.

Where you saw him reading something, I saw him searching for the right words in his head (seems like there would be very few good words here, no?). Neither one of us can prove we are right or wrong, so I am surprised any of this (again, not just your post) is being scrutinized so much.

Again, I do apologize. My remark was blowing off steam in general and should not have been directed at you.

you missed the oil spill in the Gulf....

while I am not comparing the two events. the reason I support this place is that it is open to all. we have a lot of really great people here. but since the barn door is wide open.....
the riff-raff comes and goes.
and no, you cannot ever go back to sheep.

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"you cannot ever go back to sheep..."

Yeah, there are some great people here. Primarily great people here. Which is why I apologized and called my bad, OP did not deserve the brunt of my frustration especially for simply asking a question. I hope OP reads my apology and understands it is genuine. I want to know exactly what happened at Sandy Hook also, but I do not think we are getting any closer to fact the way we are going about it. Of course, that is simply my very humble opinion.

Peace to you also.

It's like a wildfire of insanity raging at the DP

Seriously I have never seen anything this bad here before. This has all the appropriateness of analyzing video of a firefighter's widow right after 9-11 and mocking her for not having enough tears.

And they're calling for photographs of the kids' bodies!!

It's S*I*C*K.